Cyborg Drill Sergeants

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Cyborg Drill Sergeants

Post by AZKAMAT » Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:46 pm

I was fresh off the bus at Fort Jackson standing in my new company training area, putting max effort in on day one by holding my loaded duffel bags high above my head. It was part of the 'shark attack' ritual, where all the Drill Sergeants pounce you at once and smoke you hard.

It was midday in late April, and already quite hot. I was in the front of my platoon's formation and so was among the most exposed to the Drill Sergeants' shouts. Sweat poured down my face, and burned my eyes when it leaked into them. So I shut them. In an instant the nearest one is an inch from my ear screaming, "OPEN YOUR GODDAMN EYES, YOU!"

So I opened them right back up. It was just in time to see my platoon's last Drill Sergeant, Senior Drill Sergeant Kilson, walk out of the barracks over to us.

He had a distinct limp that didn't appear to actually slow him down, and a bit of metal protruding from his left ear.

The Drill Sergeants forced our platoon to heft the duffels all the way over our heads, then back down, then back up in a form of agonizing PT. The fat kid three columns down from me puked. He didn't graduate. Eventually they chased us two stories upstairs to our sleep bay as we huffed and puffed for air, red in the face and drenched in sweat.

From there we were in for six hours of being hounded. "Dump out your bags...okay, stuff all that shit back in again." "Front leanin' rest position, cadence..." "SHOULDER TO SHOULDER in the dining facility!"

The slow down of things kinda snuck up on us. Before we knew it the scene calmed down, and we got gathered around the bay for our Drill Sergeants to introduce themselves to us. All four were combat veterans. One was a Japanese infantryman who'd been a scout for the Indiahead division on multiple deployments. His body was perfectly square and he moved it with a swagger. Another was a more senior infantryman. His favorite thing to do was say, "I been doin' this shit 19 years," just before he fucked your shit up. Which he did with the loudest and most shrill voice in the company. The third was the youngest and tallest, a Forward Observer with deployments to Afghanistan who was fresh out of the Drill Sergeant academy. He looked like a demonic version of Woody from Toy Story brought to life and given a different job. He enjoyed punishing us. Last was Kilson. He was a 5'8 Russian whose face was always fixed with a grimace, broken only by the jawbreaker of a dipwad he kept in one cheek at all times. He informed us that he'd been blown up over a half dozen times, that he had multiple bolts and screws in his legs, that he'd once broken a foot and kept going because he didn't realize it, and that he had an implant in his head to recover his hearing.

There was a lot I learned at US Army Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, but the existence of cyborg Drill Sergeants was one bit of info I didn't expect.

So yeah, I'm in the Army now. Officer Candidate School's my home now until October 29th. Twelve weeks in Fort Benning Georgia. I had a hell of a time getting into the military at all, and worked and sacrificed enormously to do this.

It sucks, yeah. Nonstop. Yet there's a satisfaction that comes with the challenges that civilian life just doesn't offer. For example, most recently I doubted I could make it all the way up the vertical bare-hand rope climb at Bolton Obstacle course, but I did. The rush of getting up on top of the platform beat out most closed-door encounters with girls I've had.

They're really pushing combat arms as the job to get, and shitting bricks because they're realized that while they've specialized in irrelevant fights with insurgents, China and Russia have been developing their conventional forces to win a large scale war. Every time we come into contact with higher, they ooze mortal fear of the Sino-Russian alliance. Sometimes I have "oh shit" moments when I realize I may have signed up in time for the next big one. Then the next moment I think, "but what did I have to live for in civilian world in this modern day neolib world order?"


So if I get sent to Ranger school and then Airborne after this one (which is what they force you to do if you specialize into Infantry after OCS) I'm just going to get into the cool-guy shit 100% and make the most of it.

I filmed one last big Brikwar before shipping out, and finished uploading it to deviantART here at OCS. When I've got more free time I'll look into submitting it here.

How has everyone else been?
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I can make this man. I can let him touch the butt. I cannot promise his safety
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Re: Cyborg Drill Sergeants

Post by ninja_bait » Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:32 am

Thanks for your service and congratulations on your journey so far! There are a couple Bricklink sellers like Big B Bricks that offer military discounts so maybe you can still be a big nerd like the rest of us while you work on becoming Rambo.
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Re: Cyborg Drill Sergeants

Post by motorhead fan » Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:43 am

I wanted to be in the British army when I was a child but my eyes bounce around all the time so I can't, I hope you achieve everything you want to in your army.

I hope we don't go to war with china and russia though, I always like to think we've learned from the past that there are other ways than slaughtering eachother, I'm always scared that we have much more to learn.

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