[Anno] The portal of... ?

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[Anno] The portal of... ?

Post by Space Bunny » Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:13 pm

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"Ah, a battle well won, may i say" Captain roach says, with a bruised but smug smile. "Now what do those stupid orange people have here?"

"Ma'am", A regular calls from a transport, "We've found something!"
"Oh, really?"
"Hop on and we'll take you to camp"

"Just wait a second, a lady dropped something." She picks up THE MAD MAGE's face mask, "This will look good with my aesthetic."

"Well lets go!"

Back at camp:
"Come on ma'am, Elite Thompson wants you!"

"What is it Tom" Captain Roach says, trying to look serious.
"Well there's some sort of... gate"

(To Be CoNtInUeD)
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