[BF19] The Raid (Part one)

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[BF19] The Raid (Part one)

Post by Race Bannon » Sat Nov 30, 2019 2:11 pm

Greebledotus tells The tale of Twolittle in his second to last book:
"...now regale you with the story of the raid of Powder Monkey Twolittle on Galra itself.

After the miniaturization of the Giant Guardian into the size of a normal minifig; the leadership of the resistance decided on an audacious tactic. They would choose to take the battle to the Galranian home planet.

A volunteer was sought for this purpose in the following way. All of the heroic Minifigs had been called to compete for the honor of leading the raid on Galra.

The space knights were there, and championed by a small, green, and very old master of a sword art utilizing a plasma like rapier to dreaded effect. No less than four generations of "masters" accompanied him, along with a few from separate lineages.

The "Servers" also showed up, led by a grey haired warrior named Shmoosashi, who wielded twin swords smithed by an olden master. They are called Servers because they serve their master in one way; to study the arts of war. They were skilled in all manner of weapons, tactics, and adversaries.

The drivers, led by Fist Rockbone, were also there. Among them, Stump Beefknob, driving an old Mustang. Punt Speedchunk, in a lime green Porsche; with Beat Punchmeat piloting a white one. Their pit crews accompanied them, and their vehicles drew the interest of child giants and awesomely large canine like beasts.

The ninja clans came, led by Robert Hamburger, sporting a black ninja outfit replete with Real Ultimate Power™ nun chucks and Real Ultimate Power™ bo staff. The Green clan was led by Tobias Funke; the Red, by one Brian Unger; who was said to install a mean subwoofer.

Of course, the helots also were there, so many helots. Their reasoning was sound, who better for a sacrifice mission, than those who throw themselves at the enemy at every turn? The helots had elected a fellow by the name of Twolittle, with no particular characteristics that would distinguish him from any other minifig. His rank was Powder Monkey. A rather low rank, even for helot standards. The powder monkey is part of a helot support group. His job, other than die a glorious death, is to carry bombs, ammo, plutonium; you know, the safe stuff, to the champions of the battlefield.

When the competition started, it was quickly seen that what the helots lacked in strength, skill, and weaponry, was overcome with sheer numbers.

As the competition progressed, the Byzantine rule set destroyed the life force of any who chose to play. "To many rules!" was the lament of many a qualified candidate that day. Eventually, the last helot standing was one Powder Monkey Twolittle. (...)

[There is a lacuña in the text here]

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed part one, please have a look at part two.
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