The Last Stand

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The Last Stand

Postby HAL-9001 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:26 pm

Trapped with only the wreckage of a Pirate Truck for cover, a squad of Solar Federation Marines is trapped by encircling Dungans.  They have the situation under control for now, but with a Coordinating Hauler looming on the horizon and Rippers and Spitters rushing in from behind, prospects are dimming...


Three Fat Man suits (up at the top) are fighting off some Dunglets; the first two are okay, but the third one has been overrun.

The Marine with the flamethrower (in the middle) is serving up some Dungan flambe, while the Marauder (at the bottom) is about to give a squad of Dunglets a very bad day.


One Blaster has been detonated prematurely, knocking its comrades aside; meanwhile, the Rippers and Spitters are about to turn the situation from bad to worse, and to the right, an Infiltrator has revealed itself.

Full sized images here and here
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Postby enders_shadow » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:37 pm

Awesome. like the way you centralized it, but kept the marines from clumping together, very nice job. now bring in the drop pods!
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