BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick wargaming system that throws the peaceful worlds of your favorite construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!
On Death War Day 2, Natalya maneuvers her Assyrian cruiser to place the Czech fighter inside the barrel of the main cannon, right before hitting the fire button.
Battle Reports, Forum Battles - December 14, 2008

December seems to be the month for daily-update combat serials, starting with Reasonably Clever doing a QuikWars version of their annual LEGO Advent Calendar feature. It’s the Town Calendar versus the Castle Calendar, fighting to the death while both attempt to free the imprisoned Santa Claus from evil Martians.

Pesgores followed up a little bit later with “Superproject Codename: Persogoras,” a play-by-forum battle between the Rebels (played by Moronstudios), the Empire (OneEye589), the Pirates (Bonn-o-Tron), and the Droids (IVhorseman).

Last but not least, Natalya followed suit with the Death War Project, making up for its later start with some of the best BrikWars action photography to date. The combined-forces battle sets the Assyrian Star Empire (pesgores and Natalya), the Czech Republic (Moronstudios and AmmoMan), the Space Ninjas (Theblackdog), the Space Pirates (Rody), and the Gludavian Raiders (Niflheim) in deadly combat from clashing ground forces up to the mighty Assyrian space cruiser.

Reasonably Clever’s 2008 Advent Challenge: Castle vs. City
Pesgores’s Superproject codename “Persogoras” on the BrikWars forums
NatalyaAF’s Death War Project on the BrikWars forums
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In space, no one can hear your squad get sucked out a hull breach.
Battle Reports - December 6, 2008

Mercenaries, Alliance, and Reavers, oh my! DaCheez spent more photos on his troops messing with the space station’s environmental controls than on what were reportedly some heavy firefights, but watching squads get crushed by artificial gravity and sucked out airlocks is pretty entertaining nonetheless.

DaCheez’s Firefly-Themed Battle thread on the BrikWars forums
DaCheez’s Firefly-Themed Battle gallery on BrickShelf
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Fox and the Daily Sun are against toy badguys.
Brick Links - December 4, 2008

BrickArms just got slammed with some sensationalist nonsense by the British tabloid The Daily Sun, and the story went on to get picked up by Fox News. Leaving aside the discussion about what it says about Fox News that they happily use the soaraway Sun as a reliable news source, this serves to remind me that I’m way behind in taking about new BrickArms products released in the last couple of months. Which is a shame, because they’re awesome.

(Before you read either article, if you’re not aware already, BrickArms doesn’t produce “al Qaeda terrorist” minifigs. Duh.)

Naturally, all this media attention has accomplished is flooding BrickArms with more orders than they can process. So feel free to run over there and check out the great new stuff, then weep in agony because you can’t order any of it anymore. Thanks a lot, Fox News!

BrickArms custom-molded weapons
“Osama Bin Lego” on the Daily Sun (warning: contains misrepresentation and fabrication)
“Lego-Style Islamic Terrorist Figurine Sparks Outrage” on Fox News (warning: Fox News)
Badger announces new BrickArms items on the BrikWars forums
Badger shows off new BrickArms prototypes from BrickCon on the BrikWars forums
Badger shows off new BrickArms sci-fi shooter prototypes on the BrikWars forums
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After several defeats at the hands of MNGG, the Clone Horde moves on to attack Professor Ken's Lego Coalition instead.
Uncategorized - December 1, 2008
With the holidays upon us, the pace of battles is increasing. What is it about time spent home with the family that inspires so much violence?
Professor Ken vs. Darth Mohawk: Lego vs. the Clone Brick Horde annotated gallery on BrickShelf
NatalyaAF’s Assyrian Empire vs. the Czech Republic gallery on BrickShelf
Zahru’s Castle Battle: Imperial Army vs. Orcs and Skellies thread on the BrikWars forums
Arkbrik’s Sir Johnny vs. the Dragon thread on the BrikWars forums
Shaeph’s Mini-Armageddon gallery on BrickShelf
Thyclaine’s Battle On The Hardwood Plains on the BrikWars forums
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A double leg amputation doesn't slow down the deadly Nestle Bunny.
Uncategorized - November 2, 2008

Bluebright’s hit the scene with what have to be the funniest pair of battle reports I’ve read in a long, long time. The artistic use of minifig blood (and of hot lava) should serve as an inspiration to all players.

What’s more, he’s included time-lapse videos for each battle, which is also awesome.

Bluebright’s Intro Battle #1
Bluebright’s Battle of the Butts
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Uncategorized - October 30, 2008

Durandalski and his sister toss over a hundred troops at each other, in a semi-heated battle between the forces of Commander Roland of Morfair and Princess Liader of Brinstar. Each side rolled dice to determine their secret mission objective, and then sent their armies into a battle of cataclysmic… surrendering.

Fortunately some of the surrendering units turned out to be faking it.

Durandalski’s report includes the following passage, which is very satisfying:

“We estimated that over half of each of our forces, that’s nearly 60 minifigs, were killed in an area about 1 and a half feet square. The bodies were piled up on each other, and the living had to be propped up on top of the dead. I also sniped my own medic, after he failed six revival attempts.”

Durandalski’s Mission Battle
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Oleetku fighters!
Uncategorized - September 30, 2008
I came across a couple of BrikWars reviews today – the first is great for its use of the term “Brick nipples,” but the second is simply amazing. It may be the single best BrikWars review I’ve ever listened to. It’s only four episodes after the Dwarf Fortress review, and they only used the phrase “really retardedly broken” once.

The verdict: “This is a game where you can have dueling spider robots covered in ninjas crashing into each other under an airship exploding.”

Play This Thing Game Reviews: Tabletop Tuesday: BrikWars
Oleetku Studios Freeware Game Review #15: BrikWars (scroll down to episode 15)
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ktBombshell's stingray man is a pretty cool guy. He kills Steve Irwin and doesn't afraid of anything.ktBombshell's stingray man is a pretty cool guy. He kills Steve Irwin and doesn't afraid of anything.
Uncategorized - August 11, 2008
August sees a healthy share of violence, with battles between Mohawk and Professor Ken, further battles between OneEye589 and ktBombshell, and a chariot battle by Shaeph.
Mohawk vs. Professor Ken, battle 1, on BrickShelf
Mohawk vs. Professor Ken, battle 2, on BrickShelf
OneEye589 vs. ktBombshell, battle 1, on BrickShelf
OneEye589 vs. ktBombshell, battle 2, on BrickShelf
Shaeph’s Chariot Battle on the BrikWars Forum
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Nice. But the name makes me wish their logo was an armchair in uniform.
Uncategorized - August 5, 2008

Armchair General is putting up a pretty awesome series of articles – “Tactics 101,” in which they cover a specific tactical concept each month and describe how to use it in play. While most BrikWars games will never reach this level of seriousness, I still find myself wishing I’d discovered this series months ago.

Tactics 101 on Armchair General
Armchair General magazine
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The Kassarian fleet prepares for battle.
Uncategorized - August 4, 2008

Gladius posts to the forum with a full-fledged ruleset for microscale Lego spaceship combat, and cool microscale Lego spaceship photos to back it up.

Micro Space Wars by Lukas W.P. v1.8
Gladius’s microfleet Flickr gallery
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