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Chapter Two: The Trooper's Arsenal

2.1 Weapon and Equipment Charts

The weapons and equipment listed in this chapter are divided into a number of major sections.  Each section contains a table of statistics, pictures, descriptions, and (sometimes) special rules for the group of weapons or equipment that they detail.  The table headings are as follows:

pip Weapon or Item - This column lists the name of the weapon or item being described.

TL - The TekLevel of the item.  Units with at least this level of teknological sophistication will have no problem using this item.  A unit one TekLevel below this number will be able to use the item with a -2 Skill Penalty (although not always completely - a Crusader might be able to fire a musket but will have no idea how to reload it).  A unit who is two or more TekLevels below this number will not be able to use the item for its intended purpose at all.

pip 2H - Short for 'Two-Handed.'  If there is an X in this column, then the item is two-handed.  The unit may or may not be able to carry it with only one hand, but he must free up both hands before he can make use of the item.
pip CP - The Construction Point cost to purchase one of these items.
pip Range - The range of this item, usually in inches.  If there is a CC in this column, it can only be used in Close Combat - the unit carrying it must be able to touch it to the target.
pip UR - Short for 'Usage Rating.'  A unit needs to make a Skill Roll higher than this number to successfully use this item.
pip -CMP" - Short for Cargo Movement Penalty.  This item is heavy enough, or clumsy enough, that it slows down the unit carrying it by the number of inches listed in the column.  If a unit is especially strong, it is less affected by Cargo Movement Penalties.  For every point in its Power Rating above the usual 1 Power, it can ignore -2" of -CMP".
pip Damage or Effect - If a unit successfully uses this item, it will either do the damage dice listed in this column, or have the effect listed in this column.  A weapon listed as 'slow' may only be used to attack once every other turn.  Weapons with damage marked 'exp' do Explosive damage (3.3.2: Explosions); weapons marked 'stun' do Stun damage (3.3.6: Getting Stunned); weapons marked 'fire' do Fire damage (3.3.5: Fire!).

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Our Beautiful Assistants

To demonstrate how well our stylish troop arsenal accessorizes a fashionable trooper's uniform, we've asked some of our sexiest Characters to model their favorite instruments of destruction.

2.2 Ranged Weapons

2.2.1 Pistols

Classification: Pistols
(light anti-infantry ranged weapons)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Pirate Pistol 3 - 3 6" 3 - 1d6 (slow)
Revolver 4 - 3 8" 3 - 1d6
Machine Pistol* 4 - 4 10" 2(6*) - 1d6
Gyro Pistol* 5 - 2 12" 2(5*) - 1d6
Impact Pistol* 5 - 3 10" 3(6*) - 1d6+2
Siege Pistol 5 - 4 15" 4 - 1d10 (exp)
* - pistols marked with an asterisk can be used for Automatic Fire at the UR listed in parentheses.  See 3.3.9: Automatic Fire.

Admiral Sausage, Gon Zollo, and a bunch of Pistols

You can make pistols by starting with a PistolPiece (just about any piece with a handle can be made into some kind of pistol) and adding cylinders and transparent bits until the pistol is as big as you like.

You should come up with a good consistent way to tell different kinds of pistols apart.  Either design a distinct style for each type, use a specific color of transparent pieces for each type, or find some other method that is clear to everyone in the game.  For instance, you might decide that a pistol made of one piece is a Gyro Pistol, a pistol with two pieces is an Impact Pistol, and a pistol with three pieces is a Siege Pistol.  If you do not want to choose a method to differentiate between different types of pistols, then you may decide that all pistols in the game are Gyro pistols.

If you don't have any low-tech units on the field who need Pirate Pistols or Revolvers, you can use Pirate Pistol and Revolver pieces as Machine Pistols or Gyro Pistols.

At TL5 or above, all Pistols (except Siege Pistols) can be Stun weapons, firing tranquilizer darts, beanbags, or some kind of stun-beam instead of normal rounds.  Such weapons will do Stun Damage rather than normal Damage.



Admiral Sausage (29 CP) serves in the Imperial Navy, where he works hard to stamp out piracy and protect Imperial shipments.  Sausage is a TL3 Champion (24 CP), armed with a FlintLock 'Pirate' Pistol (3 CP) and an Imperial Navy Saber (2 CP), which he uses in sweeping gestures to inspire his loyal crew and to slice deli meats.  He is well-known for his characteristic battle cry: "Sausage time!"

Gon Zollo (11 CP) is a notorious SpaceSmuggler in a galaxy somewhat far away.  His tricked-out Y2000 SpaceFreighter, the Millennium Bug, is respected and feared by customs officials throughout the Republik.  Gon is a TL5 SpacePilot (7 CP) and packs a powerful BursTek Siege Pistol (4 CP).

2.2.2 Rifles

Classification: Rifles
(medium anti-infantry ranged weapons)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Pirate Rifle (Musket) 3 X 4 12" 5 - 1d6 (slow)
Shotgun (Rifle) 4 X 5 14" 3 - 1d6+1
Machine Gun* 4 X 6 16" 2(5*) - 1d6
Gyro Rifle* 5 X 5 20" 3(5*) - 1d6+3
Impact Rifle* 5 X 6 18" 4(6*) - 2d6+2
Siege Rifle 5 X 8 20" 5 - 2d10 (exp)
* - rifles marked with an asterisk can be used for Automatic Fire at the UR listed in parentheses.  See 3.3.9: Automatic Fire.
Commando Sam, Officer Ortega, and some Rifles

Rifles are a lot like pistols, except where pistols are made for taking down Troopers, rifles are designed for punching holes in light vehicles.  Like pistols, rifles also have Renaissance and Modern models, which can be used as Gyro Rifles if you don't have any low-tech units to cater to.

A rifle is built like a pistol, but bigger.  Like pistols, you should choose a consistent way to tell different types of rifles apart.  For instance, you may decide that a Gyro Rifle is made of four pieces (three if they're big pieces), an Impact Rifle is made of five, and a Siege Rifle is made of six pieces.  A SpaceRifle piece (the one with two Dots on one side and a sight on the other) counts as two pieces.  Some players have used the CrossBow piece for Gyro Rifles, because Laser BowCasters are just cool-looking.  If you don't want to think of a consistent way to differentiate between different kinds of rifles, you may decide that all rifles in the game are Gyro Rifles.

Rifles are among the most versatile of weapons.  Unlike a fragile Bow, Rifles can be used as Clubs or Staves in a pinch, or as makeshift crutches, pinions, splints, stabilizer struts, etc.  If you buy a Saber or Knife, you can attach it to the barrel of your Rifle as a bayonet at no additional cost, allowing you to use your Rifle as if it were a Spear.

At TL4 or above, all Rifles (except Siege Rifles) can be Stun weapons affecting living targets, firing tranquilizer darts, beanbags, or tazer caps instead of normal rounds.  At TL5 these rifles can be Stun weapons affecting electronic and mechanical targets, firing an ion blast or scrambling magneton beam.  At TL6 all rifles (including Siege Rifles) can switch 'on-the-fly' between doing normal damage and firing Stun-beams that affect both living and mechanical targets.


Commando Sam (22 CP) is a TL5 Meikon Commando with the Blue Berets (15 CP), specializing in infiltrating enemy ice cream factories and commandeering vital enemy ice cream reserves.  He is armed with the standard Blue Beret Survival Knife, a Magnetic Parachute (2 CP), a helmet radio (0 CP), and an Ion Gyro Rifle (5 CP) for disabling small vehicles.

Officer Orteaz (11 CP) is an overzealous but bumbling member of the S.W.A.T. Team with the HillsBoro Police.  He is a TL4 Trooper (5 CP) armed with a Machine Gun (6 CP) and a CB Radio (0 CP).

2.2.3 Death Guns

Classification: Death Guns
(troop-portable siege weapons)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Bazooka (Launcher) 4 X 10 16"* 6* -3" 1d10+3 (slow, exp)
Death Gun 6 X 10 16" 5 -2" 2d20 (exp)
Sniper Cannon 6 X 10 20" 5 -2" 3d6+4 (slow)
* - Bazooka stats marked with an asterisk apply when firing MkI grenades - these stats will change when firing missiles or larger grenades.

KillBot 9000 and some death guns

If you are one of those types who enjoys mass destruction (and we can't say we blame you), you're going to want to pass out some of these heavy hitters.

The Bazooka is a troop-portable version of the RenaissanceMan's Cannon.  The stats given are for firing MkI explosives (cannonballs) - the ratings will change with different classes of explosives and missiles.  A SpaceMan armed with a Bazooka is going to be pretty stationary: besides the -3" Cargo MovePenalty, it takes a full turn to pick up a fresh round and load it into the Bazooka, and trying to haul around a lot of spare MkII Missiles by hand is next to impossible.

(Be careful not to stand behind a Bazooka when it fires a missile!  Flames shoot out the back of the launcher and 45 degrees to each side, to a range of the missile's Mk number in inches and doing that number of d6 in Fire Damage (3.3.5: Fire!).  For instance, a MkII missile would shoot 2" flames that did 2d6 Fire damage.)

If it is an actual Renaissance Cannon, it cannot be moved unless it is mounted on wheels, and it will take a second full turn to load gunpowder in the back.  You can reload in one turn if you employ two RenaissanceMen, one to load cannonballs in the front and one to load powder in the back.

The Death Gun is like a ridiculously big Rifle that shoots explosive bursts of superheated plasma.  Usually it will be bigger than an Assault Rifle, but try to put a bayonet of some kind on your Death Guns so they're easier to tell apart.  Like all weapons with a d10 damage rating, it does explosive AreaEffect damage (3.3.2: Explosions).

The Sniper Cannon is a big Rifle with an extended barrel (an antenna piece).  It is another 'slow' weapon, because you have to stand still for at least one turn to aim before you can fire it.  However, every consecutive turn you stand still aiming at a target gives you an additional +1 to Skill when you shoot at it.


KillBot 9000 (20 CP) is a TL6 StarDroid (10 CP).  Due to a freak power surge when his motivation circuits were being programmed, KillBot's 'homicidal' setting is stuck about 2 clicks past maximum.  He uses his superior strength to carry a massive Pheonix Death Gun (10 CP) into battle.  Because of his superior strength, the -CMP" from the Death Gun is reduced to -1".

2.2.4 Explosives

Classification: Explosives
(general-area demolition / entertainment)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
CannonBall 3 X 3 16"* 6* -3" 1d10+3 (exp)
MkI Explosive 3 - 4(6) (20") 3(6) - 1d10+3 (exp)
MkII Explosive 4 - 6(8) (22") 3(7) -1" 2d10 (exp)
MkIII Explosive 4 - 8(10) (24") 3(8) -2" 2d10+3 (exp)
* - CannonBalls cannot be thrown.  They must be launched from a Cannon.
() - Numbers in parentheses are for Missile stats.

Rho-9, Demolition Dave, some grenades, and three missiles

Explosions are integral to any BrikWar.  They are not always the most precise or elegant tactical solution, but they are almost always the most entertaining.  There are higher grades of explosives than those listed in this chart, but not in troop-portable sizes.  Explosives have four potential uses: as grenades, as bombs, as timed explosives, or as missiles (The numbers in parentheses are the statistics for missiles).  All types of explosives can be launched out of a Bazooka, except for CannonBalls, which must be launched from Cannons.  Any non-missile Explosive will have a Range of 16" and a UR of 6 when launched from a Bazooka.

Grenades and bombs look about the same; you can tell them apart because bombs are attached to Fliers, while grenades are carried by Troopers.  Grenades are cylindrical in shape, and increase in size depending on their Mk rating.  For most minifigs, the range of a thrown grenade is five inches plus the minifig's Skill, minus the MovePenalty of the grenade (3.6.3: Throwing Objects).  For instance, a SpaceMan with a MkII Grenade would be able to throw it 5+1d6-1 inches, or 1d6+4".  A StarMan with a MkIII Grenade wants to be behind cover when he throws it, because he often can't throw it far enough to be out of the blast range.

Timed explosives are the same size as the corresponding grenades, but made with square one-dot brix instead of cylinders.  Timed explosives are coated with a special glue called "Glom."  Once the Glom has been activated and the explosive is Glommed onto something, there is no way to remove it, so be careful where you put those things.  It takes a full movement phase to arm the explosive, set the timer, and Glom it onto a target.  The timer can be set for any number of turns (including zero!).  The timer counts down by one at the end of every turn of the player that set it.  When the timer reaches zero, the bomb explodes, so I hope you've got your units out of the area.  To keep track of the timer, set white Pips next to the explosive and remove one at the end of every turn.

Missiles are usually launched out of a Launcher.  In desperate situations, a Trooper can set off a missile by hand.  He aims with a -5 penalty to Skill, and he is automatically hit by the thrust flames as it launches (1d6 times the Mk rating of the missile in Fire Damage (3.3.5: Fire!)).

Why do we love explosions so much?  I'll tell you why.  You shoot a SpaceMan with a laser, it puts a little hole in him and he falls over.  Big Deal.  You shoot a SpaceMan with a MkII Missile, he not only throws himself into the air and divides himself into component pieces, but all his buddies in the area do the same thing.  Now that's entertainment! Any weapons with damage measured in d10's cause explosions, and Explosives are no exception (3.3.2: Explosions).


Rho-9 (26 CP)is a typical TL5 DarkTron Trooper (6 CP).  DarkTrons are well-known for their ability to strike fear in their enemies with massive scary weapons, and Rho-9 is no exception.  He packs a Bazooka (10 CP) loaded with a MkII Missile (10 CP).  Other soldiers in his squad help out, each carrying an extra MkII Missile, and bringing an extra SiegeRifle for Rho-9 to use when they run out of Missiles.
(Note: Despite the DarkTrons' similar appearance to Kraan Lords, they come from a different part of the galaxy and are completely unrelated.)

Demolition Dave (26 CP) is a TL4 Trooper in the Army Corps of Engineers.  His love for and expertise in blowing things up are so great that he paid the money to have his name legally changed to Demolition Dave, largely because Demolition Hubert didn't sound nearly as cool.  He wears heavy Plate Armor (5 CP) to protect him from blast damage, and carries a MkI Grenade (4 CP) and a MkIII Time Bomb (12 CP).

2.2.5 Archery

Classification: Archery
(low-tek anti-infantry ranged weapons)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
ShortBow 1 X 1 5" 3 - 1d6-1
LongBow 2 X 5 12" 5 - 1d6+2
CrossBow 2 (X) 2 8" 3(2) - 1d6+1 (slow)
CompoundBow 4 (X) 2 10" 4 - 1d6+2
Quiver 1 - 1 - - - -

Bob Hood, Creeping Buffalo, quivers, a crossbow, and two bows

(Archery is not popular with SpaceMen.  Who would use a bow when they could get a Gyro Pistol just as easily?  Bows are for MedievalMen and TedNugentMen.  A SpaceMan with a bow just looks silly.)

A CrossBow can be fired with one hand (UR3), but it is more accurate to use two hands (UR2).  A minifig always needs two hands and a full Movement Phase to reload a CrossBow.  It takes two hands to fire a Bow, but it doesn't take any time to reload.  No unit can use a Bow or use a CrossBow more than once unless he is wearing a Quiver.  Surprisingly, Quivers never run out of arrows or bolts.

If an archer has a buddy standing nearby with a torch or other source of fire, the buddy can light the archer's arrows as he fires them.  Flaming Arrows do 1d6 Fire Damage (3.3.5: Fire!).  The arrows must be fired on the same turn they are lit, otherwise they burn up and light the bow on fire, which can be extremely inconvenient.


Bob Hood (13 CP) is a TL2 Hero (10 CP) to all the poor citizens of Dottingham, especially the poor female citizens of Dottigham.  Each morning the Sheriff of Dottingham asks his magic mirror on the wall, "Who is the sexiest man of all?" to which the mirror replies, "Bob Hood and his band of Unmarried Men."  This has thrown the sheriff into a rage, and he has declared Bob Hood an outlaw until such time as he finds a nice girl and settles down.  Bob's skill with the CrossBow (2 CP + 1 CP for the Quiver) is legendary, and despite claiming to be interested only in 'Maid Marryin',' he and his Unmarried Men have so far escaped the Sheriff's conjugal nooses.

Creeping Buffalo (3 CP) is a TL1 Belligerent Person (1 CP).  She is a great hunter for her tribe, and has been named for her unusual stealth.  She carries a ShortBow (1 CP) and Quiver (1 CP).

2.2.6 Thrown Weapons

Classification: Thrown Weapons
(low-tek projectiles)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Hand Weapons (normal weapon stats)
Rok 0 - 0 * 2 - 1d6-3 + (2xMass)
Sling 1 - 1 *x2 3 - 1d6
Bolo 1 - 1 * 2 - (-1d6 Skill)
Net 1 - 2 * 3 - (-2d6 Skill)
Boomerang 1 - 1 * 2 - 1d6-1 (stun)
Shuriken 2 - 1/3 * 2 - 1d6-1
Chakram/Discus 2 - 3 *x2 2 - 1d6
EnergyDisk 6 - 8 *x3 2 - 2d6
* - The range of thrown weapons is usually Skill+5"-MP" (3.6.3: Throwing Objects).

Jack Dagger, Troff, and an assortment of hrown weapons

Almost any object can be thrown to bonk opponents (for most objects, you can use the Bludgeon stats for shovels and hammers).  If you throw a hand weapon, use the regular stats for that hand weapon as if it were used in Close Combat.

Bolos (weights attached by rope or leather straps) and nets (with weighted fringes) are designed to entangle and disable enemies.  When a bolo or net first strikes an enemy, roll a contest between the weapon's damage and the target's Skill.  If the target rolls as much or higher than the weapon, then it escapes unhindered; otherwise, it becomes entangled in the bolo or net and falls over. The target may roll again at the beginning of every turn to try to untangle itself, or another friendly unit may come by with a blade and cut the victim loose.

If a boomerang hits a target, it bonks it and falls to the ground.  If it misses, it automatically returns to the thrower.  If the thrower tries to catch the boomerang, he automatically succeeds.

Shuriken are bought three at a time and are represented by the smallest round one-dot PBBs.  A unit can carry as many shuriken as it likes, and can throw 2 per turn.

A chakram or discus is like a bladed DeathFrisbee.  A unit throwing a chakram or discus can bounce it off any number of objects, doing full damage to each object, as long as the total distance traveled is not greater than the maximum Range of the chakram.  At each bounce, the thrower must make another Skill Roll, with a cumulative -1 Skill Penalty per bounce.  If the chakram kills or destroys a target, it may slice right through the target without bouncing off of it, at the thrower's discretion.  If the chakram ever misses, then it falls to the ground.  If the thrower attempts to catch the chakram, he automatically succeeds.

An EnergyDisk is like a super-chakram.  It can curve and perform the craziest loops however the thrower wishes, allowing it to make impossible bounces and hit impossible targets, as long as it does not travel farther than its maximum Range.  If an EnergyDisk misses a target, it automatically curves back around to return to the thrower, who automatically catches it.


Jack Dagger (13 CP) is a famed 1930s serial adventurer, taking deadly risks and defying death in order to write magazine articles and pulp novels afterwards to supplement his income as an insurance salesman.  He is a TL4 Hero (12 CP) to his readers, and his skill is unrivaled when throwing his Knife (1 CP).

TROFF (22 CP) is a Hero program (14 CP) in the TL6 world inside a corporate supercomuter.  Management's tracking and debugging programs have made it next to impossible for independent Users to hack into the system and get the files they need.  Troff was created to disable and subvert the evil security programs with his powerful EnergyDisk (8 CP).

2.3 Close Combat Weapons

2.3.1 Bludgeons

Classification: Bludgeons
(bonking weapons)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Fists** 0 - - CC 2 - 1d6-1 (stun*)
Club 0 - 1 CC 2 - 1d6 (stun*)
Staff 1 X 1 CC 2 - 1d6 (stun*)
BatteringRam 2 X Sx CC (6) -Sx" Power x 1d6 (stun*)
Shovel - X - CC 5 - 1d6 (stun*)
Hammer - - - CC 3 - 1d6 (stun*)
* - Bludgeons cause Stun damage to living targets, and normal damage to other targets (3.3.6: Getting Stunned).
** - A minifig can only use Fists if he has no other CC weapon.  Do not try to punch anything harder than bamboo armor or you'll break your hand and look stupid.

The Psycho Chefs, some beatin' sticks, and Babe Ruthless

Just about anything can be turned into a bashing implement by a determined Trooper.  However, bashing weapons are pretty weak, so Troopers use them only if they have no other options.  Bashing weapons only cause Stun Damage to living targets.

If a Trooper goes into battle empty-handed, he has years of unarmed combat training to fall back on.  He will use his fists only if he has no other weapon, because the armor of enemy units can be pretty tough and the Trooper would prefer not to break his hands.

Clubs include everything from maces and baseball bats to tree limbs wrapped in barbed wire; these can usually be represented by an antenna with a couple of cylinders stuck on it.

Staves happen when you let little kids come over and play with your PBBs, and they break the heads off your spears and pitchforks.  (How they do that is a mystery to us.  We had always thought PBBs were nigh-indestructible.)

BatteringRams are used by groups of minifigs to bash down large immobile objects like doors and walls.  It is difficult to hit a moving target with a Ram; of all the units in the group wielding the Ram, the one with the least Skill must make a Skill Roll against the Ram's UR of 6 in order to hit a mobile target.  A Ram's stats depend on how big it is.  Each BatteringRam is given a Size Multiplier number (Sx) based on the maximum number of minifigs who can grab and swing the Ram at the same time.  The Ram costs Sx CP, and incurs a Cargo Movement Penalty of -Sx".  To find out how much damage a BatteringRam does, add up the Power ratings of all the minifigs swinging it.  The Ram does this many d6's of damage to its target.

Shovels and Hammers aren't weapons you buy, they're just provided as examples for when you have to improvise weapons.  If you try and beat somebody down with something big and heavy like a Launcher or a metal detector, use the Shovel stats.  If you're swinging a tool-sized object, like a wrench, a radio, the butt of a pistol, or a coffee mug, use the Hammer stats.  Remember that if it's not a weapon, it might break if you hit someone hard enough with it.  Most equipment items have an AR of 3; if you do more than 3 points of damage thumping someone with them, they will break.

Most Close Combat weapons can be 'turned' to act as bludgeons.  If a Trooper wishes to Stun rather than kill a target, he can hit it with the butt of a pistol, the flat of a blade, the blunt side of an axe, etc.  Weapons used in this manner will use the stats of the equivalent bludgeon.



The Psycho Chefs (16 CP) Guido, Shamus, and Angry Cougar, are a dangerous trio of TL4 Abnormal People (3 CP each).  Each of them cracked under the high pressure of being a gourmet chef, and they met and formed a team on the "alt . cooking . homicidal-maniacs" chat group.  In addition to their FryingPans (1 CP each), Guido carries a ButcherKnife (2 CP), Shamus carries a CookingPot (1 CP), and Angry Cougar carries a Knife (1 CP).

Babe Ruthless (13 CP) was a TL4 baseball player who, by a freak accident, was transported back in time to the barbarian lands of early TL2.  Once there, his skill with his BaseBall Bat (1 CP) allowed him to quickly become a powerful leader and Hero (12 CP) among the barbarian peoples.  He is well-known for his merciless behavior, often pausing for a moment to point to distant forests or rivers to indicate where his next victim's head will land.

2.3.2 Blades

Classification: Blades
(laceration inducers)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Knife 1 - 1 CC 2 - 1d6-1
Saber 3 - 2 CC 2 - 1d6
ShortSword 2 - 2 CC 3 - 1d6+1
Katana 2 - 4 CC 2 - 1d6+3
Golden BroadSword 2 - 5 CC 3 - 2d6+1
ChainSaw 4 X 3 CC 6 - 2d6+1
LightSaber 6 - 10 CC 2 - 3d6+2
Double LightSaber 6 - 20 CC 2 - 3d6+2

Hippolyta, two ninjas, and a bunch of blades

When a Trooper expects to do some hand-to-hand combat, he reaches for a blade.  More deadly than a mace, less clumsy than an axe, and with a million battlefield uses including gutting and dressing opponents, shaving, and emergency whittling operations, a blade is a perfect companion to any Trooper.

The Golden BroadSword and, to a lesser extent, the Katana, are not usually given to Troopers in the lower ranks.  Because of their rarity and expense, they are held mainly by generals and kings.  The ShortSword, Saber, and Knife are given to the FootSoldiers, and they do the job well enough, so who can complain?

ChainSaws and BuzzSaws are excellent cutting tools but are very difficult to use in combat.  The gyroscopic forces of the spinning blade or chain make it tricky to swing around with enough skill to hit an adversary.  (We had to do some real-world combat testing before we found this out.)  Usually, your troops will be using them against inanimate objects like locked doors and parked cars.  


Hippolyta (15 CP) is named after her direct maternal ancestor, the ancient Queen of the Amazons.  Now in TL5, she has become an Amazon (7 CP) herself, and if anything she is an even fiercer fighter than her namesake, her anger spurred by years of being called 'Hippo' in school.  She wears a VisoredHelmet (1 CP) and goes into battle armed with a Golden BroadSword (5 CP) and a BigShield (2 CP).

Two Ninjas (44 CP) allowed their pictures to be taken but would not provide any biographical information for this document.  'We're just here to spread awareness about our badass Katanas (4 CP each),' said one.  They both appeared to be TL2 Ninjas (18 CP each), although the exact era of their origin was impossible to ascertain.

JetEye Jane, Darth Bobo, and some lightsabers

A LightSaber is a powerful weapon but very expensive.  You don't want to hand these out to just anybody.  Usually you find these only in the hands of the students of the Farce.  If one has the Farce as his ally, he can use a LightSaber to do some pretty impressive things indeed.  If one does not have the Farce as his ally, one often ends up chopping off one's own limbs when swinging a LightSaber around.

A minifig using a Double Lightsaber can use it to make two attacks per turn, and can defend against multiple Close Combat attackers at no penalty.  If the minifig is trained in the Farce, he can use the Double Lightsaber to attack two different targets in a single turn.  If the minifig is not trained in the Farce, any failed roll while using the Double Lightsaber (including a roll made while attempting to activate the blades) results in the minifig's loss of one hand, arm, leg, torso, or head (player's choice).

JetEye Jane (40 CP) and Darth Bobo (55 CP) are mortal enemies, but agreed to be photographed together in order to demonstrate their pride in their LightSabers.  Jane is a Kirsiti Knight (30 CP), weilding a normal Lightsaber (10 CP) and promoting such ideals as goodness and kindness.  Darth Bobo is a Kraan Dark Lord (35 CP) who wields a Double LightSaber (20 CP) and advocates a system of morality based largely on pure evil.

2.3.3 Spears

Classification: Spears
(perforation producers)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Lance (Iron)* 2 - 4 CC 4 -2" (max 20)
Lance (Wood) 2 - 3 CC 3 -1" (max 15)
Trident 2 X 3 CC 3 - 1d6+1 (max 10)
Spear 1 X 2 CC 3 - 1d6 (max 10)
Gold Spike 4 - 3 CC 2 - 1d6-1 (max 30)
* - An Iron Lance is very heavy and can only be wielded by a trooper with a power of 2 or greater.

Professor Rocket, Cannibal Timmy, and a whole slew of spears

Spears are interesting weapons because they can be used for a number of purposes.  Except for the lances, they can be used in close combat and thrown as ranged weapons (with a typical range of five inches plus the thrower's Skill).  But in all seriousness, the whole point of having a spear is taking a firm grip on it and running fill-tilt at something.  If you're riding a horse or a motorcycle at the time, all the better.  If you've just mounted a bunch of spikes on the front of your station wagon, better yet.

The Trident and Spear only require two hands when being used in close combat.  A SpaceMan can throw them with one hand, or tuck them under one arm and rush someone.  If a SpaceMan is using a Trident in Close Combat and rolls an Automatic Success on his skill roll, he can choose to disarm his opponent rather than dealing damage.  If the defender is holding something in each hand, the defender chooses which item is dropped.

Now, if you've taken up your spear and are rushing an opponent, you have the potential to do some serious damage.  How much damage you do depends on how fast you're going, how heavy you are, and how strong your spear is.  A rush attack with a spear will do as much damage as a Collision (3.6.5: Collisions), without hurting the attacker in any way.  However, if that would be more than the maximum damage capacity of the spear (listed in parentheses in the Damage column), the spear only does its maximum damage capacity and then shatters.  So if you mount a couple of Tridents on the front of a semi, you're probably not going to use them more than once.

Optional Rule: Getting Stuck Indifferent Face
Depending on your mood, you may decide that Spears and Axes get stuck in their targets.  Every time a Spear or Axe does enough damage to a target to puncture its Armor, it incurs a -2" Movement Penalty on the following turn because the Trooper wielding it has to pull it back out again.  If nobody 'unsticks' the weapon, the target is dragged around wherever the weapon goes, and vice versa.



Professor Rocket (14CP) was a regular early-TL4 Mad Scientist before one IRS Audit too many drove him over the edge to become a Really Mad Scientist.  Now he is an Abnormal Person (3 CP) who acts as an anti-tax vigilante.  He invented a JetPack (5 CP, +1 CP to use in TL4) that allows him to run extremely fast and stick IRS agents with his Aluminum Lance (like an Iron Lance but with only -1MP"; 4 CP +1 CP for +1").

Cannibal Timmy (3 CP) is a good example of why Timmy infestations must be culled and eradicated.  Timmies have no sense of morals or propriety, engage in the most disgusting behavior, and have no redeeming value whatsoever.  Cannibal Timmy is a TL1 Timmy (1 CP) with a Spear (2 CP), which he uses as a shiskebab or spit on which to roast other Timmies.

2.3.4 Axes

Classification: Axes
(limb / head / torso separators)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Hatchet 1 - 2 CC 2 - 1d6
PickAxe 2 X 2 CC 3 - 1d6+2
BattleAxe 2 X 3 CC 4 -1" 1d6+3
Halberd 2 X 4 CC 5 -2" 2d6

Death, WulfGar, and a mess of axes

Axes are good for some cheap Close Combat power and range.  Unfortunately, at the higher end, they require two hands and have high Usage Ratings.  The most important consideration, of course, is how scary a Trooper wants to look.  Axes are probably the meanest-looking weapons you can field.


Death (infinity plus 4 CP), or 'Azrael' to his friends, is normally extremely busy but was eager to do some self-promotion.  'I work harder than the other three Horsemen combined!' he claimed.  'War, Conquest, Pestilence - how many lives do they claim, compared to the Grim Reaper?'  Death is a TL0 Force of Nature (incalculable CP), and has here foregone his usual Scythe to wield a Halberd (4 CP).

Wulfgar (7 CP) is a TL2 Trooper (3 CP) with the Taor tribes of barbarians and rebels.  He was unusually comfortable posing with Death, and even appeared to be flirting with Death at times, although later he admitted he was only giving the skeletal spectre 'a friendly ribbing.'  Wulfgar packs a mean BattleAxe (3 CP) and a Shield (1 CP).

2.3.5 Whips

Classification: Whips
(painful welt generators)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Lasso/Rope 1 - (1) CC 2 - -
Leather Whip 1 - (1) CC 3 - 1d6 (stun, unarmored flesh only)
Chain 2 - (2) CC 4 - 1d6-1 (living targets only)
Flail 2 - 1+(1) CC 3 - 1d6+1 (stun vs. living targets)
Rope w/ Hook 2 - 2+(1) CC 3 - 1d6
() - CP costs in parentheses indicate CP cost per full 5" of rope length.

Bruise Lee, Ann Diana Brown, and all kinds of whips

Whips and chains are disdained by normal Troopers, since they are not particularly lethal.  They are a specialty item targeted to two primary markets: sadists and psychopaths (for use in various types of torture), and lone-wolf adventurers (because of their many useful secondary functions).  All types of whips can be used to grab objects, in order (for instance) to yank them away, to allow the wielder to swing over a chasm, etc.  In order to grab an object or unit, a minifig simply has to make a normal Attack roll with his whip.  A successful roll means he has grabbed the object without damaging it (unless he is using a hook, in which case the object takes damage in addition to being grabbed).  If a minifig wants his whip to let go of an object, it does so automatically - like magic!

Lassos include every type of rope and vine.  Leather whip stats can also be used for rubber hoses.  'Flail' refers to any rope or chain with a weight on one end (e.g. nunchaku, morning stars, etc.).


Bruise Lee (2 CP) has a hard time reconciling his belief in the Buddhist ideal of non-violence with his love of kicking maximum ass.  In an attempt to find a middle ground, the TL2 Normal Person (1 CP) has set aside his nunchaku for a less-lethal Rubber Hose (1 CP).

Ann Diana Brown (13 CP), a TL4 TombRaider and Heroine (12 CP) adventurer extraordinaire, would simply be lost without her Leather Whip (1 CP).  Whether using it to swing across chasms, grab magikal idols, or inspire those lazy sweatshop slaves to work harder sewing wallets and fashion accessories, her Whip is her most invaluable tool.

2.3.6 Fire

Classification: Fire
(burn creators)
Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
Lighter 4 - 1 CC - - lights fires
Torch 0 - 2 CC 2 - 1d6 (fire)
OilFlask 2 - 3 - 3 - 2d6 (fire in 2" puddle)
GreekFire/Napalm 2 - 5 (16") 3(6) - 3d6 (fire in 3" puddle)
FireBomb 4 - 5 (16") 3(6) - 1d10 (exp) + 1d6 (fire)
FlameThrower 4 X 5 8" 3 -2" 2d6 (fire)*
PlasmaGun 5 X 6 8" 4 -2" 3d6 (fire)*
() - stats in parentheses are for when these bombs are launched from Bazookas.
* FlameThrowers and PlasmaGuns can be used in full-auto fire at standard UR, with a maximum firing arc of thirty degrees.  See 3.3.9: Automatic Fire.

FlameBot, a bunch of torches, and Pyros the Magic Dragon

Fire is scary stuff, and is a lot more complicated than most types of damage (3.3.5: Fire!). Unless you're willing to put up with a lot of extra die rolls, you might want to avoid using Fire in your battles.

Items such as Lighters, Torches, Lanterns, Braziers, etc. never run out of fuel and their fire never runs out unless they are deliberately put out.

Napalm and FireBombs can be launched out of Bazookas.  Torches, OilFlasks, GreekFire, cans of Napalm, and FireBombs can all be thrown.  It is not usually a good idea to set off FireBombs and such in a Trooper's hands, but you can if you want.

To use a FlameThrower or PlasmaGun, minifigs must carry some sort of portable power source, fuel tank, or backpack cannisters.  If the minifig takes more than three damage in a single attack, a roll of 1 on 1d6 means the fuel source explodes.  FlameThrower fuel goes up in a 2d10 exlposion; PlasmaGun fuel creates a 3d10 explosion.

Remember that any fire, including the stream of fire from a FlameThrower or PlasmaGun, burns everything nearby, doing full damage within 1", and losing 1d6 of Fire Damage for every inch thereafter.


FlameBot (14 CP), or 'Mandroid,' is an experimental TL5 SpaceDroid (9 CP).  Originally developed to help SpacePsykology students study pyromania in simulation, FlameBot escaped and joined the SpaceMarines, where his skill with a FlameThrower (5 CP) is valued by his squad.  When he's not lighting things on fire, he enjoys logging into newsgroups and finding ways to start huge arguments.

Pyros the Magic Dragon (13 CP) lives by the sea.  He has been known to frolic in the autumn mists and to barbecue the citizens of Onalee.  Pyros is a One-Piece Flier (5 CP) who is an Autonomous Animal (3 CP) and acts as his own Pilot.  He can breathe fire out his mouth like a FlameThrower (5 CP).

2.4 Armor and Equipment

2.4.1 Armor

Classification: Armor
(damage deflectors)
Item TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Effect
Shield 1 - 1 - - - +2 AV
BigShield 1 - 2 - - - +4 AV
PlateArmor 2 - 5 - - -1" +1d6 AV
(No Helmet) 0 - (-1) - - - (-1 AV)
Helmet 2 - 0 - - - +0 AV
VisoredHelmet 2 - 1 - - - +1 AV
HorseBlanket 2 - 2 - - - +2 AV for Horses only
HorseHelmet 2 - 2 - - - +2 AV for Horses only

Lord Wyvyrne, a whole bunch of armor, and Samurai Shota

Every now and then a soldier gets it into his head that he wants to live through the next battle.  It's not very common.  The usual Trooper is so excited about the chance to kill other Troopers, he is never bothered with thoughts of personal survival.  When it does happen, it's time to either retire or pick up some armor.

There are a number of considerations to take into account.  Shields give the best armor boost per point, but take up a hand you probably want to keep free for another weapon.  PlateArmor is expensive and slows you down, and you can't depend on its armor boost.  Helmets are so common that Troopers of TL2 or higher get them automatically, and it's included in their standard Armor Value.  If a Trooper elects not to wear a helmet, then the Trooper is 1 CP cheaper and has -1 Armor.

Shields only protect a minifig from attacks on one side.  Imagine a line shooting straight out each side of the shield.  If an incoming attacks originates on the side of this line away from the minifig holding the shield, the minifig receives the benefit of the shield's AV bonus.  If the attack originates on the minifig's side of the line, he receives no bonus from the shield.



Lord Wyvyrne (22 CP) is a TL4 Abnormal Person (3 CP).  His real name is Morty Niedermeyer, but years of social ostracism resulting from his being a complete dork caused him to sink further and further into an imaginary world of fantasy roleplaying, miniatures wargaming, and playing with plastic building bricks.  He squanders his large inheritance on giving himself the lifestyle of a medieval lord.  He is often seen riding back and forth from the bookstore on his mighty steed ShadywFyxxe (3 CP), fully outfitted with a VisoredHelmet (2 CP), PlateArmor (5 CP), a BigShield (2 CP), a Wooden Lance (3 CP), and a Banner (0 CP).  Shadywfyxxe wears a HorseBlanket (2 CP) and HorseHelmet (2 CP).

Samurai Shota (15) is just a normal TL2 Samurai Trooper (3 CP) and is embarrassed to be in the same picture with Lord Wyvyrne.  He carries a Shield (1 CP) and Katana (4 CP), and wears PlateArmor (5 CP) and a VisoredHelmet (2 CP).

2.4.2 Equipment

Classification: Equipment
(special-purpose items)
Item TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Effect
JetPack 5 - 5 - - - doubles straight-line minfig Move
Parachute 4 - 2 - - - prevents falling damage
SuitCase PsiAmp 6 - 10 5" - - controls Civilians' brains
Tools 1 - 5 - - - sometimes you just need tools
Skis 2 - 2 - - - x2 minifig Move on slick surfaces
Flippers 4 - 1 - - - full minifig Move underwater
Container 1 - 1 - - - holds things
PowerPak 5 - 2 - - -1" provides 2 Power to one device
Epaulets 2 - 1 - - - +1 to Skill
Communications Systems
(yelling) 0 - - 8" - - allows units to communicate
Bugle 2 - 0 12" - - "  "
Banner 2 X 0 - - - "  ", must be mounted on Lance
CB Radio 4 - 0 - - - allows radio communication
Gun Conversions
Hi-Pro Ammo 5 - 2 - - - (green gem) +1d6 Damage, +1 UR
ShootFar Mod 5 - 2 - - - (blue gem) +5" Range, +1 UR
Stabilizer Gyro 5 - 2 - - - (red gem) -1 UR
Magikal Potions
Strength 1 - 2 - - - (red) +1 Power (1d6 turns)
Speed 1 - 3 - - - (green) +1d6" Move, +1 Attack (1d6 turns)
Protection 1 - 2 - - - (white) +1d6 AV (1d6 turns)
Flight 1 - 3 - - - (blue) unit can fly (1d6 turns)
Energy 1 - 1 - - - (yellow) unStuns unit
Yak's Blood 1 - 0 - - - (black) no good can come of drinking this!

Tom "The ToolBox"  Bellini, Professor Blokmann, SpaceCourier Bill, and all kinds of tools

Sometimes the nature of a battle will offer special opportunities to the soldiers that have the tools to take advantage of them.  These are those tools.  Or some of them, anyway.  There are all kinds of tools you might think up.  These are just a few that we like, but they are only provided as examples; you are fully encouraged to make up new kinds of equipment for your battles.

Troopers can be deployed very quickly by loading them into Catapults, Cannons, and Mass Drivers and just launching them wherever you want them to go.  Unfortunately, the fatality rates were extremely high until somebody thought of putting Parachutes on the Troopers.  In TL4, Parachutes were big bulky cloth things that can only be used once and from a great height.  They became far more practical in TL5 - thanks to AntiGravity technology, Parachutes became compact, reusable, and even worked in airless space.  An AntiGrav Parachute is powerful enough that a SpaceParatrooper can carry a One-Piece Vehicle with him.

Although SuitCase PsiAmps look like ordinary innocuous suitcases, they are actually sinister Brain Control Devices that can be used to control any Civilian within 5".  This isn't as great as it sounds, because Civilians are pretty useless.  If any Civilian falls under the influence of more than one Brain Control Device at the same time, he suddenly suffers an instant and fatal case of Exploding Head Syndrome.

Some units, such as Mechanix and Engineers, need a set of tools to do the specialist jobs they were trained for.  If you're just using normal Troopers, you won't need to buy any Tools.

A container is any PBB that holds things, such as a barrel, chest, backpack, safe, or suitcase.  If you want to use a minifig-backpack as a backpack rather than as a Parachute, go right ahead.  A backpack can hold two reasonably small tool-sized items, or one tool-sized item and a whole bunch of gem- and coin-sized items.  Since you can't really put anything inside the backpack piece, keep these items off to the side somewhere and try to remember which minifig's backpack they are supposedly in.

A Power Pack is a large bulky battery made of two cylinders, a handle, and a hose that can be attached to large devices that need Power to operate.  Power packs add to a system's existing Power, and can be used cumulatively, but each Power Pack can only provide Power to one device at a time.

Epaulets are little braided decorations that go on a minifig's shoulders.  Epaulets are awarded to minifigs that demonstrate exceptional Skill (+1 to normal Skill).

Communications systems and gun conversions are holdovers from earlier versions of the game.  If you decide to operate under the optional communications rules, then every squad of three to five Troopers will need to be able to communicate with other squads or they become disoriented and move at half speed.  If you decide to use gun conversions, each conversion is represented by a transparent colored cylinder stuck on the modified weapon.

Magical Potions of one kind or another exist in every age, although they might be called Stimulants or SynthoHormones or CaffeinatedBeverages or Guinness or whatever is most appropriate to the TL.  A magic potion is represented by a colored cylinder (or mug, or chalice) with a colored gem on top.

Creating New Weapons and Equipment

If you would like to create new weapons or modified versions of existing weapons, it's easy to do.  But be careful!  The more different specialized types of objects you have in a battle (and this also applies to specialized units, vehicles, bases, and abilities), the harder it gets to keep track of all of them.  As you start spending more and more energy trying to keep track of all the different specialized objects and units, you're going to find that you start to have much less fun playing.  Especially when you are just starting out, keep everything as simple as possible - three or four basic types of weapons, units, and vehicles should be enough for most purposes.  After a few games you should have a good idea of how many different lists of statistics you can comfortably keep track of while still having fun.

To create a new weapon, find the weapon on the above list that most closely matches your new weapon in form and function.  Then modify it according to the following chart:

Customized Equipment
(special-purpose special-purpose items)
Attribute Modified CP Cost
TekLevel +1 CP per -1 TL
2-Handed +1 CP to make a 2H object 1H,
-1 CP to make a 1H object 2H
Range +1 CP per +4"
CC Weapon Length +1 CP per +1 Brik of length
Usage Rating +1 CP per -1 UR
Cargo MovePenalty -1 CP per -1CMP"
Damage +1 CP per +2 Damage
+1 CP per +2 Stun Damage
+4 CP per +1d6 Fire Damage
+6 CP per +1d10 Explosion Damage
+1 CP per +1 Poison Rating

If you would like to create new types of equipment, discuss it with your opponents. As long as you can all agree on the statistics and CP cost, you can invent as many new types of equipment as you like.


Tom "The ToolBox" Bellini (17 CP) is a skilled TL4 Mechanik (7 CP) who occasionally moonlights as an interrogator.  In that capacity, his SocketWrench (5 CP) and PneumaticDrill (5 CP) find all-new uses.

Professor Blokmann (7 CP), a TL5 Teknik (7 CP), is always trying to find new uses for ABS plastic.  He uses his Teknik's ABS SprayCan (0 CP) to create new and fascinating ABS creations.

SpaceCourier Bill (10 CP) is a typical TL5 Trooper (6 CP) in the SpaceCourier Corps.  He has the unglamorous job of delivering Power to Vehicles with dead batteries.  He carries a PowerPak (2 CP) and wears SpaceSkis (2 CP) which allow him to travel quickly along futuristic SpaceRoads.

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