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Appendix A: The Tables

A.1 Trooper Equipment

A.1.1 Ranged Weapons

Throwing Objects (3.6.3: Throwing Objects)
A unit can throw objects weighing up to one Blok a number of inches equal to (5 x Power) + Skill.  Heavier objects have a throwing range of (((5 x Power) / object Mass in Blox) + Skill) inches.  The range of a hand weapon thrown by a Trooper is 1d6+5".

Weapon TL 2H CP Range UR -CMP" Damage
* - Pistols marked with an asterisk (*) may be used for Automatic Fire, at the Usage Rating listed in parentheses.
At TL5 or higher, all Pistols (except Siege Pistols) may be Stun Pistols, doing Stun Damage against living targets. (3.3.6: Getting Stunned)
Pirate Pistol TL3 - 3CP 6" UR3 - 1d6 (slow)
Revolver TL4 - 3CP 8" UR3 - 1d6
Machine Pistol* TL4 - 4CP 10" UR2(6*) - 1d6
Gyro Pistol* TL5 - 2CP 12" UR2(5*) - 1d6
Impact Pistol* TL5 - 3CP 10" UR3(6*) - 1d6+2
Siege Pistol TL5 - 4CP 15" UR4 - 1d10 (exp)
* - Rifles marked with an asterisk (*) may be used for Automatic Fire, at the Usage Rating listed in parentheses.
At TL5, all Rifles (except Siege Rifles) may be Stun or Ion Rifles, doing Stun Damage against either living or mechanical targets, respectively.
At TL6 or higher, all Rifles may switch between normal and Stun damage on the fly.
Pirate Rifle (Musket) TL3 2H 5CP 12" UR5 - 1d6 (slow)
Shotgun (Rifle) TL4 2H 5CP 14" UR3 - 1d6+1
Machine Gun* TL4 2H 6CP 16" UR2(5*) - 1d6
Gyro Rifle* TL5 2H 5CP 20" UR3(5*) - 1d6+3
Impact Rifle* TL5 2H 6CP 18" UR4(6*) - 2d6+2
Siege Rifle TL5 2H 8CP 20" UR5 - 2d10 (exp)
Death Guns
* - Bazooka stats marked with an asterisk apply when firing MkI grenades - these stats will change when firing MkI grenades - these stats will change when firing missiles or larger grenades.
Remember that flames shoot out the back of a Bazooka when it is fired. (2.2.3: Death Guns)
Bazooka (Launcher) TL4 2H 10CP 16"* UR6* -3" 1d10+3 (slow, exp)
Death Gun TL6 2H 10CP 16" UR5 -2" 2d20 (exp)
Sniper Cannon TL6 2H 10CP 20" UR5 -2" 3d6+4 (slow)
Numbers in parentheses are for Missile stats.
CannonBall TL3 2H 3CP 16"* UR6* -3" 1d10+3 (exp)
MkI Explosive TL3 - 4(6)CP (20") UR3(6) - 1d10+3 (exp)
MkII Explosive TL4 - 8(10)CP (22") UR3(7) -1" 2d10 (exp)
MkIII Explosive TL4 - 12(14)CP (24") UR3(8) -2" 2d10+3 (exp)
Bows cannot be reloaded without a Quiver.
ShortBow TL1 2H 1CP 5" UR3 - 1d6-1
LongBow TL2 2H 2CP 12" UR5 - 1d6+2
CrossBow TL2 (2H) 2CP 8" UR3(2) - 1d6+1 (slow)
CompoundBow TL4 (2H) 2CP 10" UR4 - 1d6+2
Quiver TL1 - 1CP - - - -
Thrown Weapons
* - The range of thrown weapons is usually 5+Skill"-MP".  For some weapons, this range may be multiplied as listed. (3.6.3: Thrown Objects)
Hand Weapons (normal weapon stats)
Rok TL0 - 0CP * UR2 - 1d6-3 + (2xMass)
Sling TL1 - 1CP *x2 UR3 - 1d6
Bolo TL1 - 1CP * UR2 - (-1d6 Skill)
Net TL1 - 2CP * UR3 - (-2d6 Skill)
Boomerang TL1 - 1CP * UR2 - 1d6-1 (stun)
Shuriken TL2 - 1/3CP * UR2 - 1d6-1
Chakram/Discus TL2 - 3CP *x2 UR2 - 1d6
EnergyDisk TL6 - 8CP *x3 UR2 - 2d6
* - Stats listed in parentheses () are for weapons launched from Bazookas.  Otherwise, these weapons may be thrown.
Remember that Fire's radius is increased by +1" for each 1d6 of Fire Rating. (3.3.5: Fire!)
OilFlask TL2 - 3CP * UR3 - 2d6 (fire in 2" puddle)
GreekFire/Napalm TL2 - 5CP (16")* UR3(6) - 3d6 (fire in 3" puddle)
FireBomb TL4 - 5CP (16")* UR3(6) - 1d10 (exp) + 1d6 (fire)
FlameThrower TL4 2H 5CP 8" UR3 -2" 2d6 (fire)
PlasmaGun TL5 2H 6CP 8" UR4 -2" 3d6 (fire)

A.1.2 Close Combat Weapons

Weapon TL 2H CP UR -CMP" Damage
* - Bludgeons do Stun damage vs. living targets, and normal damage vs. mechanical targets. (3.3.6: Getting Stunned)
Fists can only be used if the minifig has no other Close Combat weapons.
Fists** TL0 - - UR2 - 1d6-1 (stun*)
Club TL0 - 1CP UR2 - 1d6 (stun*)
Staff TL1 2H 1CP UR2 - 1d6 (stun*)
BatteringRam TL2 2H SxCP (UR6) -Sx" Power x 1d6 (stun*)
Shovel - 2H - UR5 - 1d6 (stun*)
Hammer - - - UR3 - 1d6 (stun*)
A minifig with a Double Lightsaber can make two attacks per turn, and defend and counterattack against multiple attackers at no penalty.
Knife TL1 - 1CP UR2 - 1d6-1
Saber TL3 - 2CP UR2 - 1d6
ShortSword TL2 - 2CP UR3 - 1d6+1
Katana TL2 - 4CP UR2 - 1d6+3
Golden BroadSword TL2 - 5CP UR3 - 2d6+1
ChainSaw TL4 2H 3CP UR6 - 2d6+1
LightSaber TL6 - 10CP UR2 - 3d6+2
Double LightSaber TL6 - 20CP UR2 - 3d6+2
An Iron Lance is very heavy and can only be weilded by a unit with a Power of 2 or greater.
Lance (Iron)* TL2 - 4CP UR4 -2" (max 20)
Lance (Wood) TL2 - 3CP UR3 -1" (max 15)
Trident TL2 2H 3CP UR3 - 1d6+1 (max 10)
Spear TL1 2H 2CP UR3 - 1d6 (max 10)
Gold Spike TL4 - 3CP UR2 - 1d6-1 (max 30)
An Axe which hits and does damage may become stuck, incurring -2MP" to unstick it on the following turn.
Hatchet TL1 - 2CP UR2 - 1d6
PickAxe TL2 2H 2CP UR3 - 1d6+2
BattleAxe TL2 2H 3CP UR4 -1" 1d6+3
Halberd TL2 2H 4CP UR5 -2" 2d6
Items may be grabbed with a successful attack with a Whip.
CP costs in parentheses () indicate extra cost per full 5" of rope length.
Lasso/Rope TL1 - (1)CP UR2 - -
Leather Whip TL1 - (1)CP UR3 - 1d6 (stun, unarmored flesh only)
Chain TL2 - (2)CP UR4 - 1d6-1 (living targets only)
Flail TL2 - 1+(1)CP UR3 - 1d6+1 (stun vs. living targets)
Rope w/ Hook TL2 - 2+(1)CP UR3 - 1d6
Fire's radius is increased by +1" for each 1d6 of Fire Rating. (3.3.5: Fire!)
Lighter TL4 - 1CP - - lights fires
Torch TL0 - 2CP UR2 - 1d6 (fire)

A.1.3 Armor and Equipment

Item TL 2H CP Range -CMP" Effect
Shields only protect from attacks that originate on the side in which the shield is facing.
Military units automatically come with Helmets.
Shield TL1 - 1CP - - +2 AV
BigShield TL1 - 2CP - - +4 AV
PlateArmor TL2 - 5CP - -1" +1d6 AV
(No Helmet) TL0 - (-1CP) - - (-1 AV)
Helmet TL2 - 0CP - - +0 AV
VisoredHelmet TL2 - 1CP - - +1 AV
HorseBlanket TL2 - 2CP - - +2 AV for Horses only
HorseHelmet TL2 - 2CP - - +2 AV for Horses only
JetPack TL5 - 5CP - - doubles straight-line minfig Move
Parachute TL4 - 2CP - - prevents falling damage
SuitCase PsiAmp TL6 - 10CP 5" - controls Civilians' brains
Tools TL1 - 5CP - - sometimes you just need tools
Skis TL2 - 2CP - - x2 minifig Move on slick surfaces
Flippers TL4 - 1CP - - full minifig Move underwater
Container TL1 - 1CP - - holds things
PowerPak TL5 - 2CP - -1" provides 2 Power to one device
Epaulets TL2 - 1CP - - +1 to Skill
Communications Systems
(yelling) TL0 - - 8" - allows units to communicate
Bugle TL2 - 0CP 12" - "  "
Banner TL2 X 0CP - - "  ", must be mounted on Lance
CB Radio TL4 - 0CP - - allows radio communication
Gun Conversions
Hi-Pro Ammo TL5 - 2CP - - (green gem) +1d6 Damage, +1 UR
ShootFar Mod TL5 - 2CP - - (blue gem) +5" Range, +1 UR
Stabilizer Gyro TL5 - 2CP - - (red gem) -1 UR
Magikal Potions
Strength TL1 - 2CP - - (red) +1 Power (1d6 turns)
Speed TL1 - 3CP - - (green) +1d6" Move, +1 Attack (1d6 turns)
Protection TL1 - 2CP - - (white) +1d6 AV (1d6 turns)
Flight TL1 - 3CP - - (blue) unit can fly (1d6 turns)
Energy TL1 - 1CP - - (yellow) unStuns unit
Yak's Blood TL1 - 0CP - - (black) no good can come of drinking this!

Customized Equipment
Attribute Modified CP Cost
TekLevel +1 CP per -1 TL
2-Handed +1 CP to make a 2H object 1H,
-1 CP to make a 1H object 2H
Range +1 CP per +4"
CC Weapon Length +1 CP per +1 Brik of length
Usage Rating +1 CP per -1 UR
Cargo MovePenalty -1 CP per -1CMP"
Damage +1 CP per +2 Damage
+1 CP per +2 Stun Damage
+4 CP per +1d6 Fire Damage
+6 CP per +1d10 Explosion Damage
+1 CP per +1 Poison Rating
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Siege Weapons

For 5 CP, you can buy a turret or hinge to rotate a group of mounted weapons.  Combinations of turrets and hinges cost 8 CP per group of mounted weapons.  Ballistix, Missiles, Mass Drivers, and Cannons automatically come with hinges at no extra CP cost.

A.2.1 Big Guns

Weapon TL CP Range UR -CMP" PwrReq Size Damage
MkI Laser TL5 15CP 20" UR2 -1" PWR2 4dots 1d10+4 exp
MkII Laser TL5 20CP 20" UR3 -1" PWR4 6dots 2d10+4 exp
MkIII Laser TL5 25CP 20" UR4 -1" PWR8 10dots 3d10+4 exp
MkIV Laser TL6 30CP 20" UR6 -2" PWR12 16dots 3d10+10 exp
"Yamato" MkV Laser TL6 45CP 25" UR8 -3" PWR15 20dots 4d10+10 exp
If the barrel of a Ballistik weapon is restrained from elevating to at least 45 degrees, the maximum Range is halved.
MkI Mortar TL3 20CP 20" UR5 -2" PWR2 6dots 1d20 exp
MkII Mortar TL4 24CP 24" UR6 -3" PWR4 12dots 1d20+2d6 exp
MkIII Mortar TL4 28CP 28" UR7 -4" PWR6 18dots 2d20 exp
MkIV Mortar TL5 32CP 32" UR8 -5" PWR8 24dots 2d20+2d6 exp
MkV Mortar TL6 40CP 40" UR9 -6" PWR12 30dots 3d20+2d6 exp

A.2.2 Missiles and Bombs

Weapon TL CP Range UR -CMP" PwrReq Size Damage
MkI Explosive TL4 4CP - UR3 - PWR1 1brik 1d10+3 exp
MkII Explosive TL4 8CP - UR3 -1" PWR1 2brix 1d10+6 exp
MkIII Explosive TL4 12CP - UR3 -2" PWR1 3brix 2d10+3 exp
MkIV Explosive TL4 16CP - UR3 -3" PWR2 6brix 3d10 exp
MkV Explosive TL4 20CP - UR4 -4" PWR4 10brix 4d10 exp
MkVI Explosive TL4 24CP - UR5 -5" PWR8 16brix 5d10 exp
MkI Warhead TL4 6CP 20" UR6 - PWR2 1brik 1d10+3 exp
MkII Warhead TL4 10CP 22" UR6 -1" PWR4 2brix 1d10+6 exp
MkIII Warhead TL4 14CP 24" UR7 -2" PWR6 3brix 2d10+3 exp
MkIV Warhead TL4 18CP 26" UR7 -3" PWR8 6brix 3d10 exp
MkV Warhead TL4 24CP 28" UR8 -4" PWR12 10brix 4d10 exp
"Nuke" MkVI Warhead TL4 32CP 30" UR8 -5" PWR16 16brix 5d10 exp

A.2.3 Mass Drivers

Weapon TL CP Range UR -CMP" PwrReq Size Damage Max Payload
Vehicles must be Medium or larger to mount a Launcher.
MkI Launcher TL3 40CP 20" UR7 -12" PWR5 10dots 1d10 x AV 1Blok / One-Piece
MkII Launcher TL3 50CP 30" UR8 -16" PWR10 15dots (1d10+3) x AV 2Blox / One-Piece
MkIII Launcher TL4 60CP 40" UR10 -20" PWR15 20dots 2d10 x AV 4Blox / Small
MkIV Launcher TL5 70CP 50" UR12 -24" PWR20 30dots (2d10+3) x AV 8Blox / Small
"MeteorGun" MkV Launcher TL6 80CP 60" UR16 -30" PWR30 40dots 3d10 x AV 12Blox / Medium

A.2.4 Cannons

Weapon TL CP Range UR -CMP" PwrReq Size Damage Max Payload
CannonBall TL3 2CP - - -3" - 1cyl 1d10+3 exp -
Barrel of GunPowder TL3 2CP - - -2" - 2brix 2d10+3 exp -
The Damage rating of a Cannon is determined by the shell it fires.
MkI "Pirate" Cannon TL3 10CP 16" UR6 -3" - 8dots 1d10+3 exp CannonBall
MkII Cannon TL4 12CP 18" UR5 -3" - 10dots * MkII Bomb
MkIII Cannon TL4 14CP 20" UR6 -4" - 14dots * MkIII Bomb
MkIV Cannon TL4 16CP 22" UR7 -4" - 18dots * MkIV Bomb
MkV Cannon TL5 18CP 24" UR8 -5" - 24dots * MkV Bomb


NearMiss Caluclation (3.1.1: NearMiss Rules)
MissedBy = (UR) - (Modified Attack Roll), ignoring penalties from Small Target Area.  If penalties from Small Target Area make the difference between a hit and a miss, then MissedBy = 1.  The shot misses by up to MissedBy x " for objects thrown by minifigs, MissedBy x 1" for minifig ranged weapons or object launchers, MissedBy x 2" for Siege weapons, or MissedBy x 4" for Super Siege weapons.

Explosion (Area Affect) Damage (3.3.2: Explosions)
Any weapon with damage measured in d10's or d20's does Explosion damage.  All targets within 2" of the Explosion take full damage.  Targets 2 to 4 inches away take full damage minus one die.  Targets further out take one less die for every two inches thereafter, until there are no more dice in the weapon's damage rating.  For every die of Explosion damage a target takes, it is knocked back 1".

Fire (3.3.5: Fire!)
An object that is on Fire takes Fire Damage equal to its Burn Level at the beginning of every turn.  For every die that comes up '1' on this damage roll, the fire loses 1 die from its Burn Level.  For every die that comes up '6,' the fire gains 1 die of Burn Level, up to the burning object's maximum Burn Level.  Nearby objects also take Fire Damage at this time: targets that are in physical contact with the burning object take full damage, targets that are 1" away take full damage minus 1 die, objects further away take 1 less die of damage for every inch thereafter.

A.3.1 Skill Modifiers

Condition Modifier Condition Modifier
Aims for one full turn +2 Target completely hidden -5
Stationary target +1 Small target area: minifig -1
Stationary target, CC attack +5 Small target area: minifig head -2
Every full 6" target moved -1 Small target area: minifig hand -3
Every full 6" attacker moved -1 Opportunity Fire -2
Target 15" away, and every full 5" further -1 Defense vs. each CC attacker after first -2

A.3.2 Movement

Minifigs can jump 1" in height and half their Movement in length as part of normal movement (no penalty).

Extra Effort
A living creature may put forth Extra Effort and either gain an additional 5" of Movement or 1 additional point of Power.  At the end of the turn, the creature must roll 1d6.  On a roll of 4 or lower, the creature becomes Stunned from exhaustion.  An exhausted creature may put forth Extra Effort to behave as if it were not exhausted, but it must roll a 6 on 1d6 at the end of the turn or fall Unconscious.

Determining Mass
Most equipment items have no appreciable mass.  Other objects weigh as many Blox as their Armor Rating divided by 5, rounded up.  Larger objects (minimum area of 10 dots) weigh as much as their Area times their Armor Rating, divided by 100.

Condition Minifig Modifier Vehicle Modifier
Changing position (i.e., sitting to standing) -1" n/a
Climbing over an obstacle 2 to 5 brix in height -2" n/a
Moving uphill (20 degree slope) -1" -2"
Moving uphill (45 degree slope) -2" -4"
Moving downhill (20 degree slope) +1" +2"
Moving downhill (45 degree slope) +2" +4"
Moving along well-paved road +1" +2"
Moving in, into, or out of liquid half speed half speed
Climbing a rope or ladder half speed n/a
Driving over an obstacle up to 1/4 the height of legs, treads, or wheels n/a no penalty
Driving over an obstacle up to 1/2 the height of legs, treads, or wheels n/a half speed
Driving over an obstacle more than 1/2 the height of legs, treads, or wheels n/a collision
Picking up an object weighing up to (Power) blox -1" -2"
Picking up an object weighing up to (Power x 2) blox -2" -4"
Carrying an object weighing at least (Power) blox -1CMP" -2CMP"
Carrying an object weighing (Power x 2) blox -2CMP" -4CMP"


Military Specialists

A.4.1 Minifig Stats

Classification Cost Move Armor Skill Specialty Ratio
Trooper TL+1 CP 5" TL+1 AV 1d6 None troop
Amazon TL+2 CP 7" TL+1d6-3 AV 1d6 CC+2 None troop
Scout TL+4 CP 12" TL+1d6-4 AV 1d6-1 Targeting troop
Synthetik TL+4 CP TL+3" 1d6+2 AV TL+1d10-4 Strength(Pwr:2)
Robot Brain
(5 troops)
Slave TL CP 6" TL+1d6-5 AV 1d6-1 Strength(Pwr:2)
Pilot TL+2 CP 5" TL+1d6-3 AV 1d6+2 Piloting troop
Mechanik TL+3 CP 5" TL+1 AV 1d6 Mechanikal Ability (1 vehicle)
Medik TL+3 CP 4" TL+2 AV 1d6 Medikal Training (10 troops)
Technik TL+2 CP 5" TL+1 AV 1d6 Technikal Training (3 Slaves)
Kamikaze TL+1 CP 8" TL+1d6-5 AV 1d6 Kamikaze Bomb (4 troops)
Ninja TL+16 CP 10" TL+1d6-2 (+2d6 CC) AV 3d6+2 No Ranged Weapons
(except thrown weapons)
Spider Gymnastics
1 Stupendous Feat
(7 troops)
Hero TL+8 CP 5" TL+1d10 AV 1d10+2 1 Stupendous Feat (7 troops)
Champion TL+21 CP 10" TL+2d10-3 AV 1d10+2 3 Stupendous Feats (1 battle)


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