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Legal Disclaimer

The concepts, rules, and general philosophy presented in or linked to by the pages of this rulebook are completely unauthorized and unsanctioned by anyone, anywhere, except by Mike Rayhawk, who promises to authorize and sanction them only half-heartedly and on a very occasional basis.  By "anyone, anywhere," we especially refer to the LEGO Company, TYCO, Ritvik, and in fact by any producer of any type of plastic construction toys, and for that matter by anyone who is remotely connected with any producer of any type of toys, plastic or construction or otherwise.  Furthermore, if there is anyone else out there we somehow missed, we apologize and preemptively disclaim any apparent or implicit authorization or sanctioning from them.  We reserve the right to let some presently unspecified party authorize or sanction them at some unspecified point in the future, but it seems unlikely at best; at present, there isn't the slightest hint of authorizing or sanctioning going on here, or anywhere near here.

Images associated with this game and included in some versions of this rulebook may be construed by hostile parties as bearing some superficial resemblance to products that have been copyrighted by the LEGO Company.  This does not represent any kind of endorsement or approval by the LEGO Company.  This game is not specifically geared towards the "LEGO" product line, nor towards any specific product line of any producer of plastic construction toys.  In the unlikely event that it can be proven that these pictures are intended to portray products in the "LEGO" product line, then that portrayal should be interpreted as representing the authors' personal, subjective, and unsolicited preference for the "LEGO" product line.  These images are provided only as examples - similar pieces from any manufacturers' line of plastic construction toys could be used instead.

The original edition of BrikWars was largely based on the games 'Lego Wars' and 'Lego Wars II,' copyrighted 1991, 1995 Eric O'Dell and R. Todd Ogrin.  Some material in this manual is still based on material from these games.  Any such material is still copyright 1991, 1995 Eric O'Dell and R. Todd Ogrin, and is still used without their permission (our apologies to you two guys, but we can't seem to find any current e-mail addresses for either of you).  The word "LEGO" is a registered trademark of the LEGO Company.  Despite the inclusion of the word "LEGO" in the titles of the games 'Lego Wars' and 'Lego Wars II,' these games were not authorized or sanctioned by the LEGO Company, and in fact the LEGO Company spent a good deal of time and effort to voice their specific disapproval of these two games.

Everything in the BrikWars rulebook that can't be proven to belong to one of those entities listed above is copyright 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Mike Rayhawk.

If, even after all that, you still have any objections, then frankly I'm a little surprised!  I can only suggest that you switch to decaf, and maybe get some therapy to see if you can't work out your persecution complex.  Nonetheless, please feel free to mail me at

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