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Some Assembly Required
Here's your chance to take a look at some of the ideas and material we're working on behind the scenes.  These haven't been finished or playtested yet, so proceed with caution.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Nanofleet Battles - updated 06.28.2003

Even smaller

The NanoFleet rules cover micro- and nano-scale gaming, epic campaigning, fleet management, and more.  In fact it's gotten so large that we might end up having to split it into separate supplements for microfig campaigning and fleet warfare.

NF has been in development for several years now, it's taken awhile to get the kinks worked out.  Most of the systems are in place, it's just a matter of finding time to write out all the details and finish playtesting.

Nanofleet Battles (in progress)
text version
nf_2003.txt (49k)

Medieval Japan - updated 06.28.2003

Stay away from my geisha

Special thanks go to Jason Catena for this one, who wrote a set of Medieval Japan rules for the 1998 ruleset.  Jason dropped off the map, so the original Japan rules were never finished; we're putting together an updated version for the current rules edition.

This one's almost done; we could use some help on the Spirit World section though.  Anyone out there know anything about Japanese ghosts and goblins?

Medieval Japan (in progress)
text version
mj_2003.txt (39k)

Battlefield Environments - updated 06.28.2003

A concrete bunker

This is a pretty straightforward catalogue of the different battlefield environment rules we've come up with over the years.  Anybody who's played some fun environments that aren't listed yet, let us know.

Battlefield Environments (in progress)
text version
ev_2003.txt (24k)


This is a new one, and we're still gathering material - we're going to try and put together a list of cool monsters and beasties, starting with the creatures from the monster movie sets that have been coming out lately.  There will also be rules for different breeds and varieties of Dimmies and Jaw-Jaws, and other special unique creatures that have shown up in players' games at one point or another.

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