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Monolith Bratva
Builders League
Tek Level 7
Imperiya, Black Legion
Notable People
Leader: Vaclav

The Monolith Bratva /Brat-vah/ (Monolyth Script: Братва), Meaning Brotherhood. is a faction from the Monolith Battleplates, considered to be the second largest and most powerful of the known factions of the Realm. Much of their identity was drawn from the Systems Conglomerate from the Gold Sector after the events of the Resonance cascade

Monolith Bratva Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
Black Yellow Dark Gray Dark Blue N/A Yellow


Monolith Bratva was formed in the aftermath of the dissolution of a group known today simply as the Old Alliance. A group of warriors and soldiers with the blessing of the Anwar administrators, who banded together under one insignia to protect the peaceful civilians from Bandits, Raiders, Mutants and Demons. later though, In what was known as the Ostasha Betrayal, an Old Alliance General sold out the faction to the Black Legion of the Damned. Alliance troopers were slaughtered and when it was over. The generals pointed fingers at one another, accusing each other of being the traitor. The Coalition began to split apart and even came to blows, with small skirmishes.

Both factions were fed false information by the Black Legion into believing the other's commanders were holed up in the City of Sukia, the largest civilized region in the Alpha cluster at the time. And thus began a large scale battle between the warring Alliance factions. However while they whittled each other down, the Black Legion ambushed both of them, slaughtering them again and killing many of the the leaders of the Group.

Despite knowing full well they had been tricked into fighting each other, the warring factions of the now dead Defense Coalition, had come to hate each other just as much as the Savage Black Legion. They retreated away from the destroyed city, while gangs of bandits and mercenaries took over the ruins. The two warring factions reorganized into the Monolith Bratva and Monolith Imperiya. One sporting black, the other white. Two sides of the same coin. And they kept trolling, harrassing and killing each other while they fought over the affection of the towns and cities that dotted the Plates

Ethos & Objectives

Despite having the same Origin, Bratva plays itself as a benevolent superior to the Imperiya. It paints it's sister faction as a bad influence on the realm, and opts to contradict and disrupt it at every turn. The biggest difference between the two is how they handle cities and their citizens. While Imperiya works with sympathetic Governors to build a world in their image and integrate itself into the infrastructure of said cities. Bratva prefers to let the cities build, improve and run themselves. While Imperiya requires neutral settlements to sign into a compact and pay taxes in order to be protected by them, Bratva will often protect neutral settlements for a favor later, or sometimes completely pro-bono. Painting the group as an alliance of builders, protectors do-gooders in the eyes of the common civilian minifig