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2005 Edition, the most current version of BrikWars.

BrikWars is a construction toy wargame - or more specifically, a Building Brick Combat System, designed by Mike Rayhawk.

The Rulebooks

BrikWars has survived in many incarnations, going all the way back to the creator's childhood and finally going live on in 1998. Since then, it has had several more published iterations, including the 2000, 2001, and 2005 Editions.

The 2000 and 2001 rules were intended to be particularly rules heavy; in the 2005 Foreword it's stated that this design choice was a form of trolling intended to dissuade rules obsessed players (called Anoraks by the BrikWars community) who were missing the ultimate point of the game which was, of course, to have fun. The idea was to give them more rules than they could possibly use.

Unfortunately, such a thing turned out to be quite impossible. Thus, the 2005 Edition was born to serve everyone. The system was streamlined and simplified but leaves enough rules-wise to engage both kinds of players. The system doesn't necessarily cater to everyone, however, and the rulebook is written with a humorous tone that actively encourages players to explore their own imaginations and to have fun first and foremost.

Content Warning

Be forewarned: BrikWars is not necessarily appropriate for all or even any ages, despite its use of construction toys as a game and storytelling medium. Prepare for the glorification of violence, foul language, and otherwise lewd brick-based behavior, especially as concerns the BrikWars Community. Turn back now if you're offended by things that any sane person would find offensive.