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BrikWars has a dedicated cult following that appears to be growing all the time. These fans of the game interact with one another in a couple of significant ways and their interactions help to shape the form and canon of the BrikVerse.


This BrikWars BrikWiki represents the spectrum of BrikWars, from its fictional canon to its real life influences and is often written by the people for the people. It holds within its pages a hodgepodge of ideas wrought by a diverse array of personalities and is an accurate reflection of its fictional counterpart in both imagination and general chaos.

BrikWars Forum

The Forumis where the majority of the creative process takes place. Everything from the weirdest little conversations to the most epic battle reports makes its way here eventually but there is where the BrikWars Community churns.

Forum Code

The accepted means of interaction and behavior on the forum.

Forum Battles

A list of recorded Forum Battles, the most common and popular expression of BrikWars fandom. A Forum Battle is a game hosted by a single player who builds the battlefield and provides all of the armies, posts pictures of the game's progress, and takes orders from members on the forum who assume the roles of those armies by proxy.

Battle Reports

A list of recorded Battle Reports, another common expression of forum-goers interest in the game. A Battle Report is a game played in real life and then related, like a story, for the enjoyment of forum members.


The in-universe metaphorical representation of the BrikWars Forum, the Far-Ums are an alternate dimension intimately connected to the BrikVerse and its associated Legitimitium MultiVerse.

The Four Rums

Another in-universe metaphorical representation of the BrikWars Forum, The Four Rums is an inter-dimensional space-time hub that takes the shape of an extraordinary bar and is situated at the heart of an Eternal Battle.

Forum Terminology

The Forum Dictionary and Thesaurus.

BrikWars Chat

BrikWars has had various and sundry chat services but the Forum and the Wiki are the two main community sources.

BrikWars Chat Houses

Chat is often arbitrarily divided into user groups so as to foster an atmosphere of friendly competition or to allow BrikWarriors to identify with cool concepts and gain neat ranks and cool colors. Whichever. The Houses arose as a collection of user groups so dedicated.

Community Clusters on various social media websites

Brikwars @ Facebook

BrikWars! on Steam

/r/BrikWars on reddit

+BrikWars on Google+

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