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2005 Edition, the most current version of BrikWars.
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The BrikWars Universe is an ever-growing explosion of creative output from the community built up around the game of BrikWars, spanning multiple decades and six out of seven continents (over 85%; a solid B grade).

The BrikVerse: Narrative of BrikWars

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A key concept to keep in mind as one explores the BrikWars Universe is that there are often parallels in the in-game universe to the real world equivalents. A forum member may also appear as a character. A community website may also appear as an alternate dimension. Easily identifiable real-world construction toy parts may have in-depth backstories within the BrikVerse.

It may help to keep in mind that "BrikVerse" typically refers to the narrative structure of the game's fiction,whereas "BrikWars Universe" might be used to describe the game and its community or to refer to anything of a BrikWarsian nature. Perhaps the primary reason for this lies in the fact that the community takes an active hand in structuring their game of choice's Kanon, and the creator of the game responds in kind by remaining active in the community.

The Spirit of the Game

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It can be seen, even in the very pages of this wiki, that BrikWars espouses a very particular attitude. It might be described as chaotic, often antagonistic, and free-spirited. It is also fiercely creative and, by its very nature, attempts to ram as many interesting concepts together in one place as possible. Such an endeavor becomes greater with a community on hand to help make it grow, snapping together like pieces building a great construction. And so, as the community grows, so too does the overall narrative of the game, funneled through the creative mind of the designer who chooses how best his game will develop over the years.

The BrikVerse has evolved to be a many-splendored place, an entire universe of bountiful bloodshed, delightful destruction, and clever creations set within the backdrop of an entire MultiVerse of construction toy based universes and their offshoot alternate dimensions. Star Empires wage intergalactic wars and horrid monsters invade through cracks in space even as knights hold sieges on medieval castles, gunslingers have duels at high noon, supernatural creatures fling themselves at one another across blood-soaked nighttime battlefields, and cyber-spies make runs against megacorporations and their goons. Heroes rise and fall, celebrities come and go, the fights never stop, and the fun never ends.

Historical Kanon

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The BrikVerse is a broken universe, its time and space torn asunder and scattered without pattern. These errant elements are brought together by the force of Kanon. Elements of important story become the accepted narrative, while lesser elements are obliterated by a continuing cascade of awesomeness. These shattered timelines are called Ret- and Rekonstruktions. Thus, there is no true permanency in the BrikVerse. The Ossum survives only so long as it is not supplanted by the More Ossum. Battles may happen anywhere, at any time, for any reason, and between any forces. There are no true maps of the BrikVerse, for as soon as internal consistency is again supplanted, those maps are rewritten. The BrikVerse, then, is a universe driven purely by storytelling.

BrikWarsian Concepts

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There are several major themes and ideas that run through much of the BrikWars community and narrative. It may be argued that some of these ideas are inherent to BrikWars itself (where not directly outlined as such by the author of BrikWars) but many of them aren't so much fundamental to BrikWars as they are prevalent in its community. As previously mentioned, many participants in BrikWars fiction will as easily ignore as embrace, add, subtract, or otherwise alter these ideas to suit their kanonical needs. Members who tend to hold things as being sacrosanct may find themselves generally outvoted. Their Kanon still counts, of course... just not so much as the other, better Kanon.

Legitimitium versus CLOan Brand

Legitimitium ore produces the narrative version of high quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (called Ablogical Binding Substance in the BrikVerse). Legitimitium is also called "Leg-ore" (another example of those punny parallels mentioned earlier). Conversely, low quality ABS is lumped under the derogatory term "Counterfeit Leg-Ore" or "CLOan Brand." Some BrikWarriors stand by only the good stuff and look down their noses at those who would stoop to playing with the off brand stuff. Other BrikWarriors insist that CLOans have their uses and still other BrikWarriors couldn't care less one way or the other. Certain companies produce very high quality materials that approach the quality of the gold standard, so the debate can become rather involved. This argument is an old one and it will inevitably spring up from time to time. Certain parts of the BrikWars Universe have been modeled after it. For example, see The NegaVerse.

Yellow versus Peach

Another old favorite argument among BrikWarriors, with the same general range of opinion, is the legitimacy of "Peaches." In the narrowest sense, the Peach race is specifically limited to minifigs with peach-colored flesh, but yellow supremacists use the "Peach" racial slur to refer to any minifigs who are not of classic standard yellow coloration, or who have the more "realistic" style of facial features seen on licensed characters.

Orange Transparent and Other Badass Things

Due to the relatively epic kanon written about Orange Transparent (or OT), which has been featured in the rulebook, the specially colored construction toy piece has become one of the most powerful elements in the BrikVerse. Weapons that are constructed of it are much more Ossum and damaging and structures that include it become nigh on indestructible. From OT naturally spawned much more narrative centered around the other transparent colors, called Transparent Elements in the BrikVerse. Each has a common story but certain BrikWarriors have developed differing types for some of the colors.

Though OT perhaps best epitomizes BrikWars' never ending need for awesomeness, there are several other examples of "the best" or the "most ossum."

In Inhabitants of the Universe, several of our community superstars are featured, for whatever reasons made them popular.

In Factions and Forces, certain groups are truly colossal in size, empires that span the stars, and are the major movers and shakers in the universe or MultiVerse. Certain of them are designated "Superpowers" because they maintain high level teknology of extraordinary destructive power that few others possess.

In the Bestiary, we are introduced to Humans as the top level, mythical creatures of the BrikVerse and SigFigs as their highly powerful avatars.

In Teknology, we come across The Nine Artifax of Pre-Creation, the most powerful artifacts in the BrikVerse. In addition, we are introduced to Heroic Items, Epitek, and Mythitek, three escalating categorizations for pure badassery in teknology.

In History and Chronology, we are shown several major wars, true impressions of BrikWars Kanon.

In Theology and Philosophy, we can experience the more powerful driving beliefs maintained by the inhabitants of the BrikVerse.

Locations gives us a top down approach where we can see how the shattered BrikVerse fits in with the rest of construction toy existence.

There are many other attitudes of bigger and better woven throughout the BrikWars Universe that will no doubt become obvious with the perusal of these pages and the engagement of the community.

Spelled with a K and Other Behavior

One of the more immediately noticeable things about BrikWars is its semi-consistent use of misspelled words. Very simply, this comes from a joke in the rulebook about how we don't really give a damn how things are spelled, an extension of "we don't care about the rules." It has become a large part of the community's loving attempts at nomenclature.

In fact, the BrikWars community embraces several modes of behavior, as evidenced by our Forum Code. To mimic us, minifigs have their own way of doing things.

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