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Brikish Empire





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Charybdia is a world covered by water, but with plenty of small islands scattered across it. The Brikish Empire attempts to keep the world under some kind of control, but everyone knows that the pirates rule the seas. Except for the pirates and imperials, there are a lot of BrikThulhu-worshipping islanders living on remote islands.

Rodrigo Palo and the Bloodstained Serpent

Rodrigo Palo is one of the most infamous pirate captains of Charybdia. His ship, the Bloodstained Serpent, is able to teleport to any ocean within a few light years. This makes Rodrigo a scourge of the entire galaxy, and it is said that even Lord Warhead fears his Bloodstained Serpent and has vowed never to turn his back to it so long as he has a breath in his body.

Some time ago, after a period of plentiful raiding and plundering, Rodrigo held a party to celebrate. The party soon went out of control (like any good one) with uninvited guests of all sorts joining the action. During the ensuing bloodshed it appeared that Rodrigo was slain. Also, the Bloodstained Serpent was blown up and sunk by some upper middle class zombies, Zuppies.

The morning after, Rodrigo was fine, but the Bloodstained Serpent was still gone. Rodrigo tried some space pirating without his ship, but it didn't work out. He exploited an Islander ritual to enter the realm of BrikThulhu, where he retrieved his beloved ship... for like five minutes, before it was toppled on the shores of Alighieri. Stricken by depression, Rodrigo blew up himself and his ship.

For a while, Rodrigo and the Bloodstained Serpent languished in BrikThulhu's locker. But soon, BrikThulhu needed to kickstart a boring trench war on Remarque, and he found Rodrigo to be a good way of doing so. Rodrigo recruited a crew from the locals, but found nearly all of them to be wimpy little sissies. After killing Vergilius Raskolnikov just for the hell of it, Rodrigo sailed off on Remarque's oceans.

The backwater world Remarque could only entertain Rodrigo for so long, of course, and he sailed out into space. He happened upon a space battle between Vergilius Raskolnikov, the A.N.U.S., and the Immortal Empire, and gleefully joined in. The outcome was beyond Rodrigo's wildest expectations, as he got his hands on an ImmortalTechTM InfinityKeg of Maniac Beer! Currently he and his pirates are occupied with downing a near-infinite quantity of the galaxy's best booze, but as soon as they're done it's back to plundering and pillaging...