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Galaxia Nehellenium
Very Large


Key Resources
None listed
Controlled By
Gamma Corps

Immortal Empire

Key Locations
Fico (City)

Fico was the staging ground for the first blows of the Immortal War, one of the most persistent and canonical BrikWars storylines.

Herein lies the tale told by a raving madman, rumored to be the Leprechaun himself, of a once-great planet, known only as Fico.

"Fico? I'll tell you about Fico. It was a proud city and planet, ruled by the the great Elmagnifico, head of the Order controlling the Gamma Corps. Fico was its headquarters and crown jewel of the empire. Until one day. Then, in a fell black swoop, a then-unknown enemy, the impervious Immortals invaded, massacring the planet's inhabitants, until, despite their savage cruelty, the Gamma Corps leader of the time, Aegis, beheaded the Lord Warhead, warlord of the Immortals, only to have the same head thrown back at his own. Lord Warhead then rose up, and slew Aegis, and declared victory, leaving the remains of the Gamma Corps to slink away into deep space, while the Immortals rested, due to having suffered more casualties than ever before. But the Immortal hordes were not alone. While the hordes fought Elmagnifico in his flagship, the Tranquility, aided by his fleet, and both distracted by Massam in his cruiser, Fluffy Death, the initial land attack on Fico was by a group of Shady Mercenaries, headed by the Honorable Leprechaun, who constructed huge engines on a neighboring asteroid and crash-landed it into the planet, and poured off to begin the slaughter, and slake their thirst with the whiskey so loved by the Gamma Corps. The planet then became for a short time a bar colony and semi-popular four-star vacation hotel, but once Massam in OTC squirrel form infiltrated the city and began killing the drinkers, a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was roasted alive and eaten in luau fashion, resulting in the fleeing of Leprechaun, his mercs, and Massam, while Lord Warhead and the Immortals stayed behind to "drink Vallahalalalala dry." After one helluva drunk General raged about the destruction, all three returned to the pub, to found the Anti-Trainglist Order. But that's another story. Back to the carnage, Fico remained the lone planet under Immortal rule, their dark hub of activity. But once the Immortals found other planets to sustain their parasitic nature, Fico was ordered destroyed in a brilliant flash of blue by the Lord General Warhead. He is currently constructing a model of the planet for documentary purposes, which in turn brought the Leprechaun back to haunt the forums."


An Immortal Blood Wrath tank assaults the outer defences of Fico