General Atazir

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General Atazir

Commander of Avalon invaders

Semaj Nagirrac

The Kingdom of Avalon opened trade with the outside world for OT, but their King Sulien ordered the incoming ships destroyed. General Atazir and his master, Mordred, concluded that the only recompense was to start a large war in the Kingdom of Avalon, thus opening demonic gates, freezing their homeworld, and forming OT to mine and sell.

He was seemingly killed in the Assault on Ying Si Ninja Fortress, but survived and gained robot wheels to replace his legs. He then captured Avalonian Chancellor Semaj Nagirrac and used the latter's diplomatic seal to send out fake communiqués to the Allied Nations encouraging members of the Third Alliance to leave. This action sparked the massive AN-TA War. Atazir was killed, however, during a rescue attempt of Semaj at Elwyngweth.

General Atazir is remembered nowadays as one of the most infamous figures in galactic history for single-handedly perpetrating the AN-TA War, as well as one of the greatest magnificent bastards to ever live.