Hospital 555

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Hospital 555 was the contested birthplace of the first Deadly SpaceMan. The inhumane events that took place here led directly to the current period where the BrikVerse is consumed with war, destruction, mayhem, and Awesome. The hospital was staffed by limbless ProtoFig Mediks who captured unsuspecting citizens and performed horrible genetic experiments on them.

Eventually these insane operations came to fruition, and the Minifig was born. The gene-splicing madness successfully gave this new fig arms, hands, and legs. Consumed with rage and bloodlust after having been submitted to experiments more gruesome than previously thought possible, the first minifig who survived broke free from his restraints, killed the ProtoFigs who gave him his new body, and he escaped into the world; a deadly killer genetically engineered for destruction. This first minifig was the Deadly SpaceMan.

This is also how babies are made.