Monolith Battleplates

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Monolith Battleplates
Plate World Realm
Legitimitium MultiVerse
Periods of Interest
Post-Ragnablok Era
All manner of ABS, Artifakts and Crystals
Forces Unknown
Perpetually Contested by minifig factions
Minifigs, Beastfigs, Demons, Mutants, Paranormal Entities
Key Locations
Omega, Zeta, Khrabrost, Anwar

The Monolith Battleplates, also referred to as the Monolyth Realm is a large Plate Grouping that was born from a Resonance cascade during the Ragnablok event. In the Galaxia Nehellenium region known as the Gold Sector had experienced perpetual brutal war at a far higher scale than was normal for the already chaotic Galaxy. Meanwhile, mad scientists had been secretley tampering with the very fabric of reality, and unknowingly ripped a tear in the Multiverse that created a large crystaline entity that would later come to be known as the Monolith. As it attempted to escape to what became the Baseplate Dimension, The Monolith destroyed most of the sector reemerged in the Baseplate Dimension, Poisoning a large portion of it, turning them into what is known as the Monolyth Battleplates


In the waning days of R2018, when the events of the Ragnablok began to unfold. A massive Resonance cascade Caused by a magikal crystal, wiped out the Gold Sector. Erasing it from the the Galaxia Nehellenium, the occurance puzzled minifigs of the galaxy for months, but were too busy with their own battles to care for too long. Eventually it was realized that a new dimension had been created. This new dimension became known as the Battle Plates Dimension, a realm full of seperate baseplates linked together by portals and seperated by void space. And a very large "continent" of these plates, were named the Monolyth Battleplates.


By the time of Ragnablok, the Monolith realm had already existed for eons, Time moves much faster within the realm. Much recorded history of the realm had been forgotten by the time of R2019

Regions and Locales

The Monolith Plates consist of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of individual baseplates. Mapped out by the Land Barons and their Administrator overlords, the regions are divided into clusters, mainly among biome lines.

The Monolith Realm Consists of a number of biome clusters each housing a few hundred, to in some cases a few thousand plate worlds, as well as an underworld known as the "Omega Plate" which goes on in perpetuity. The Worlds are Quarreled over by endless factions of Minifigs, Beastfigs, Demons, Mutants, Supernatural entities and brainwashed agents of the Monolith itself. The forces of the realm constantly fight over territory, recruits, resources and artifakts in order to further fuel their love of combat. The most powerful artifakts allow the leaders of these factions to open portals to other realms, and magikally or teknologically inclined outsiders can also open portals to the realm and raid it for it's own resources, and even more so on the Omega Plate where resources are theoretically infinite.

Due to it's nature of being a number of plate clusters rather than a terrestrial landmass or star sector, The Realm is difficult to map in a way that is immediately understood to outsiders. Each plate cluster houses hundreds of Plate Worlds, Each Usually home to a varying number of minifigs and housing different levels of development. Each plate cluster would therefore be home to anything between hundreds to tens of thousands of minifigs, depending on the regions. Clusters have their own names, and generally most worlds in a cluster will be similar to each other in biome or features.

Warring Factions and Clans have bases of operations marked in their respective regions with a flag. Factions don't necessarily own or control entire plate clusters, they just happen to have their headquarters or another major base there. Land ownership is actually fairly uncommon. The only cluster with a lot of land ownership is the Alpha Zone, Where a Land Baron Alliance had purchased the land from the Anwar Land Office.

The Realm, with Faction and minor clan bases of operation marked, Some factions have set up multiple bases.

Notable Regions

Zone, Cluster or Sector Notes
Alpha The largest in both the number of regions, as well as the number of minifigs living there. Alpha cluster is known for having a temperate biome which is relatively calm and peaceful. Most of the Largest cities in the realm are located in the Alpha zone. The Collective Civil Defense Force, known as OSKOM polices the region. As it houses most of the economy and industrial capacity of the realm.
Tau Commonly referred to by nicknames like "The Boneyard" and "The Grinder", The Tau sector has been devastated by a perpetual war between rival factions Imperiya and Bratva, It serves as the frontline between their respective headquarters in the Gamma and Beta clusters
Lambda Lambda began to become another contested frontline between several groups when several skirmishes erupted over artifakts found in the Basil region of the Lambda Cluster. Several factions and clans have established bases here, and there is next to no stable civilization in the area. Mostly scattered trading posts and primitive villages.
Xi The Xi sector is a barren wasteland, stripped bare of resources in endless fighting by dozens or more extinct factions over the years. The regions of the Xi sector today are almost completely deserted, and home to only a few tool age clans and mutants fighting each other for the scraps that remain. The sector is a tekonological dark zone. Very few items utilizing electricity or advanced machinery still function here.
Omega Not actually shown on the map, because the Omega Sector isn't a cluster at all, it's the Monolith Underworld, a single great battleplate that expands infinitely in all directions.

Teleportation and Travel

The Monolith Battleplates consist of hundreds if not thousands of baseplates, The majority of which house little civilization or stable infrastructure. Crude personal teleporters are widespread, and can be used to transport minifigs to nearby plates however doing so is not always reliable. Baseplates will often reject too many minifigs on them at once. Forcing clans and factions to resort to other means to get minifigs on the ground, The use of fleet ships that fly through voidspace, over and past other plates like a conventional transport and teleport hubs that increase the stability of teleporters from the owned faction. Teleport hubs are so essential to controlling a plate, that during sieges they are often the primary target of both sides. Serious battles over a plate will often resort to stopping the other side from being able to reinforce the region, and the rest is down to attrition.

Scattered across the plates and found in the hundreds are special psionik portal devices called Lazarus Gates, or L-Gates. They exist as both a transportation system as well as Supernatural or magikal ressurection device. Any minifig that uses an L-Gate is added to the Psionik network, Their conscience and physical form is copied into an Archive of sorts, and reconstructs and resurrects a fallen Minifig at the gate of their choosing after some time.

Supernatural Phenomenon

Across the Monolith Regions, Individual plates from various clusters are known to exhibit supernatural or magikal phenomenon, Extreme temperatures, deadly anomalies, psionic disturbances, interruptions of space time, Weird land formations, mutants, demons and all sorts of other hazards dot the various plates across the dimension.

The Omega and Zeta plates, which themselves are both single baseplate regions, also exhibit extreme cases of anomalies. While the Zeta plate itself is of mythic status and is said to house an all powerful crystalline deity. The Omega plate exists on a plane entirely separate from the rest of the Monolith Plates. An infinite landmass of both idyllic paradise and uninhabitable brikhell

Lazarus Effect

The Monolith Realm displays a peculiar phenomenon where minifigs who die, later come back to life from strange black Portals which the populace calls "L-Gates", short for Lazarus. The gates can be passed through by Living minifigs, and used as a teleportation network. But when a minifig dies, Their spirit wanders aimlessly. If they managed to use an L-Gate at least once in their life, then their body will be "uploaded" to a psychic network of sorts. And a clone body is grown. When ready, they can inhabit their new body and emerge from an L-Gate of their choosing.

L-Gates are seen as important hubs, Factions guard the gates in their territory with all their might. As they form the crucial chain in the circle of life and death in the realm. Going so far as to claim gates for themselves, and turning them into spawn bases for factions, and killing anyone who isn't supposed to use them, or those who might try to teleport into a base to attack it from the inside.

Dark Energy
Weapons imbued with Dark Energy are able to permanentley kill off Minifigs, as they also subdue wandering spirits... The Black blade 'Blackstar' is one such relic able to do this. The destruction of L-Gates is a crime on the level of terrorism in the Realm, as it is another way to kill off others for good. However this cannot reliably used to kill specific beings as it is far too sloppy, and often just kills whoever was in the process of using it

When a minifig's spirit is killed by dark energy or by other means, This is called Ending. Ending is distinct from the killing of a body, one who has been ended cannot come back. Ending a minifig is a capital offense in the eyes of most societies from the Plates

Minifig Antics

The plates are home to hundreds of thousands of minifigs, the majority of baseplates that are inhabited, still remain uncontacted and the minifigs live shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless the norm for the explored regions is that Minifigs will compete for resources to build the best stuff. Normally they are concerned with simply building shelters and staying alive. Even though death is not the end for these minifigs, they can still feel pain. And there are worse things out there that will motivate minifigs to take care of themselves.

The lowest a minifig can fall, is to be naked, homeless and penniless. And the thought of losing one's house, their stuff, or the clothes off their back is enough to motivate minifigs to stay alive. A prevalent problem relating to this issue is the concept of slavery. Minifigs are often captured and imprisoned, and forced to do hard labor or otherwise unsavory tasks for the benefit of others.

Many equivalents of governments exist, however the area they "govern" is miniscule compared to the overall population of the plates. Nevertheless a rudimentary economy exists, backed on transparent elements and mixed with other intemediaries like paper notes, coins, and digital currencies.

The battleplates are also home to a number of important and otherwise signifigant Characters


Yellow Peach Mutant Beast Robot Demigod
Rac (1).jpg Rac (2).jpg Rac (4).jpg Rac (3).jpg Rac (5).jpg Rac (6).jpg
70% Population 15% Population 2% Population 3% Population 10% Population .001& Population

Yellows also known as Commoners, Yellows are the most populous and widespread race of the plates. Possessing a huge range of variance within it's population. Masters and Morons, Great Warriors and gigantic wussies. Psionics, Scientists, Politicians and Soldiers. The Yellows are found almost everywhere. They are known for building large towns and cities, and controlling most of the Politics between both Settlements, and Faction Armies.

The Majority of Yellows speak a language known as the Monolyth Slavonik, which is a carryover from the now dead Gold Sector of the Galaxia Nehellenium. Although this language is easily translatable as it's more or less the same as Galacian Slavonik. Which was the language of the former star nation of Galacia in the old world.

Yellows are also one of the most susceptable populations to the formation of religions, and the following of Deities, Such as Chernobog, Molokh, Perune, and Svarog. Many of which are actually dead Viceroys from the plates.

Peaches also known as Peachenegs, and Fleshies. much like in other parts of the Brikverse, are a race of pariahs that are shunned or distrusted simply for being "different". They make up the second largest group among civilized folk on the Plates. And are known as hard workers and good fighters, possibly because their struggles of prejudice and angst against them gives them greater willpower.

Peaches from the Monolith Plates generally speak one of two languages. Many speak Monolyth Slavonik, but another carry-over from their Gold Sector homes, called "Perriska" is also spoken by many. It's almost completely unintelligble and extremely difficult to translate. Pretty much the only thing that can be easily identified is any word that's used frequentley... which usually turns out to be nothing but Cussing and Swearing.

Peach Monolithians don't really have any of their own religions. Those who do follow a faith, usually follow the same ones that Yellows do. Many of them were not necessarily Peach, or Yellow faiths, but founded by both of them.

Mutants is a particularly mean term for a number of minor races of minifigs of different color or starkly different appearance. Reds, Greens, Blues, and many others find themselves surrounded by foreigners and are forced to integrate into their socities. Not all do however. Some live in exclusion and form their own factions. Civilized Mutants make up a very small percentage of the population. Many of them live in primitive savage conditions, but those folk are often indistingushable from Beastfolk.. the two terms are often interchanged

Mutants speak both Monolyth Slavonik, and some of their own unique languages

Mutants, Much like Peaches, Follow some established relgions, as well as some of their own

Beastfigs are a number of races who exhibit anatomy features that are completely different than Yellows, Peaches and other colored Minifigs. Some of the notable forms of Beast Races are Canids, Gatormen, Dungans, Avians, Panthera, Trolls, Cyclops, and various hives of Bugmen. If Colored Mutants had it rough, the Beastfolk have it harder. Probably one of the least trusted and respected races. The Beast races in themselves have a totem pole of race hierarchy. Some types are tolerated or even respected in the world at large, like Canids and Avians. Whereas others are treated like Animals, and killed or enslaved en masse. like Gatormen and Dungans.

Some Beastfolk can speak languages, others must use tek to provide a voice as they're unable to actually vocalize... And some are just too dumb to do anything but grunt and scream. (See Dungans Jaw-Jaw)

Beastfolk, much like everyone else, follow some established religions, or their own niche pagan religions.

Robots Also known as Synthetics, and a number of various derogatory insults are a race of intelligent machines. Most are wholly independent and display their own sense of personality and conscious. But others are susceptible to being apart of a network and being little more than controlled Drones. Synthetics make up a fairly large population of the plates. But most resign to a life of seclusion, either completely on their own because of social stigma. Or as apart of a larger Machine community. Those that live in the society with the others however, are known as excellent workers, builders, crafters and soldiers.

Machines are able to communicate in any language that living fleshbags use.. But they can also communicate with each other digitally. A much faster, and completely discrete way opposed to the flapping of gums

Machines generally don't follow religions, but they are susceptable to being influenced or outright controlled by other machine intelligence much more advanced and powerful than them.


Demigods are Powerful Minifigs skilled in the Arcane and Psionik schools. They act as the overlords and in some cases.. the gods of the Plates. Most of them live in seclusion with an army of servants. While a significant amount of them came together to form the "Administration" which controls much of the Politics, Diplomacy and Economy of the civilized world in the plates. Independent Demigods are known to scheme and even war against each other. Although many of them don't bother to get involved with the actual events on the plates, or waste their time talking to lesser races. Several have been known to have either raised armies of followers and gone to war against each other. Or simply enslaved them to obey their will. Demigods are all servants of the Monolith, as All of them were granted their power by the crystal, but they don't necessarily all work together. One topic of contention is the possession of extremely powerful artifakts. Possession of these artifakts grows a Demigod's power. And it's cited as the number 1 reason that they kill each other. Unlike on the plates with L-Gates, when Demigods kill each other, they willfully use dark energy, black magik, and other means of permanently offing their enemy.

Some Demigods, both living and dead, have been worshiped as Magikal Leaders. And the lesser races Fight, preach and celebrate over their influences. Usually it's the dead ones that are revered as gods...

Central Government

Elsewhere, based in a floating city high above the Alpha Plates lies the city of Anwar. Considered the diplomatic and economic center of the fragmented plates. Whatever trading or negotiating that does go on in the plates, Usually goes through Anwar, or by systems controlled by Anwar. The city itself is governed by a number of Demigods called the Administrators who control the dealings in the city and occasionally intervene in plate matters. However after the destruction of Anwar by the Black Legion, and the later ending of the administrators by dark energy blades. The Administration was rendered extinct, and the central government was eradicated.

Following the end of the Administration, a number of their lackies, the Tax Collectors, Governors and other brownnosers known as the Land Barons had banded together in the Alpha Plate Cluster and formed the "Land Baron Alliance" and created their own army, the "Civil Defense Kommand" or OSKOM To attempt to police the precious alpha plates from damage and destruction from the various armed groups and armies abroad.

Known Factions

Major Factions

Faction Mission Leader Notes
Monolith Imperiya
Establish Security and Order. And crush anyone who stands in their way Sergachev & Varone A very large faction that makes use of hardened shock troops, large vehicle formations and elite special forces. The Imperiya is lead by a pair of Legendary commanders supported by several skilled generals and officers under their command. The Imperiya as a group acts as a force of Order, They lay claim over large swathes of territory and tax the residents in exchange for protection. If the locals cannot pay, they will usually agree to provide compensation in another form such as labor or levies for their Army, Those who do not pay the tribute are usually evicted from their land, but sometimes are made an example of and are flattened by an Imperiya Armiya assault.

The Imperiya cares little for the agendas of other factions, So long as they aren't disturbed, they usually leave others alone, and smart groups know to keep their distance from the behemoth faction. They are however bitter enemies of OSKOM, and none too friendly with Armata and the Syndicate as well

They are the successors of Galacia

Vorhut Order
Impose the will of their God, Molokh, and purge the apostates, heretics and mutants that dishonor his name Jericho Their name, meaning "Vanguard". Vorhut is a clan of purist crusaders who serve as a military wing to the "Faith of the Holy Flame", a religious fundamentalist group praising the will of their god *Who is actually a dead Viceroy* Molokh. They seek to Convert the world to the faith, Enslave those who refuse, and kill all who do not meet their cult's requirements of "Purity". As a result, they are abhored by Mutants, Peaches, and anyone generally valuing personal freedom or security. They are known to attack innocent civilians if they refuse to participate in their rituals, harbor enemies of their group, or otherwise stand in their way. They are violentley hostile to the Black Legion and Armata, and also find themselves the targets of Svoboda's campaigns of liberation.

They are the successors of Varyag

Svoboda Clan
Live free, Fight Slavery, and share the gifts of the battleplates to all minifig kind. Mikhiluka Their name, meaning "Freedom", Svoboda is a clan of anarchists, daredevils and shit-disturbers. They view the existence of the battleplates as a gift to minifig kind, and wish to see it's gifts shared with the rest of the Brikverse. They typically leave others alone, and aside from blasting annoying recruitment propaganda, they don't interfere with neutrals either. They roam the lands in small groups, constantly on the run from groups like Vorhut and Imperiya. Due to a shared rivalry with Vorhut, Svoboda and Armata are unofficial Allies. Both groups abhor the concept of slavery

They are the successors of the Triangular State

Armata Alliance
Fight for the rights of the ostracized and those affected by "change" on the plates. Pracka Armata is a larger faction with a developed combat force that frequentley fights against the Imperiya and the Damned Legions, often over valuable resource territories used to build their bases. Armata tends to project itself as the protector of the ostracized, which is a more broad term to indicate peaches and other abnormals. They were once only a rival of Imperiya, but saw themselves the target of hostility from Vorhut, and as a result they often fight one another. This brought them into a common cause with Svoboda, as well. Both groups abhor the concept of slavery

They are the successors of the Peacheneg Armata Coalition

Collect and protect hidden knowledge and artifakts. Novus Echelon is a reclusive faction of Tek Hunters, Scientists, Magik tinkerers and explorers. They seek to collect and protect dangerous Knowledge from the world, as well as powerful tek and artifakts. They are for the most part a Passive group that doesn't bother others, but it's their possessions that make them the victims and targets of others. Syndikat and the Imperiya both frequentley fight against Echelon over possession of rare resources, artifakts and other valuables. Echelon spends much of it's time sending scouts all over the plates, as well as other dimensions. They are one of the few groups to master teleportation, and use it feverishly

They are the successors of Volhinya

Black Legion
Serve the Dark Gods, Maim, kill burn! Charon The Black Legion is a warband of pirates, raiders, and other battle hardened murderous thugs. They are known to prey on neutral settlements as a primary target, stealing resources, kidnapping women and burning towns and cities to the ground and causing other general grief, as well as launch brutal attacks on other faction's outposts and bases. They are known to frequentley fight amoungst themselves, and often have more moderate, less hardcore groups break off from their warband and form smaller opposing groups of scum. Their Dark Gods.. or "Chernobog" Consist of both Brikthulu risque deities and constructs created by the Monolith. If enough minifigs believe in something, Monolith usually makes it so.. and thus by proxy the Black Legion is one of the Monoliths most effective assets albeit totally unaware of its machinations

Monolith Bratva
Protect the innocent, and ensure stability in what little society exists on the plates. Vaclav "Bratva" Or 'The Brotherhood' is one of the largest factions active on the battleplates, comprising of well equipped, experienced troops with an array of weapons and vehicles. And Founded by ex-members of the old Alliance faction, Bratva started as a "Self Defense" group that sought to protect the freedom of the neutral settlements from aggressive military groups. They evolved into a signifigant military power that was capable of going toe to toe with many of their rivals. They typically oppose any group that harrasses neutrals, especially those in or around their claimed territory.

They are the successors of the Systems Conglomerate

The Syndicate
Sabotage and spy on the other factions, steal their tek, their artifakts and their Leaders. Trust no one. Unknown The Syndicate is a shadowy organization with nefarious motives. Running secret blacksites, raids to destroy enemy facilities, and heists to steal artifakts and other special items. the Syndicate are masters of Stealth, subterfuge and infiltration, their units often utilize cloaking technology. And they are known for using infiltrators to sabotage enemy bases. Their antics have brought them into conflict primarily with Echelon for their collection of Artifakts and advanced technology. But they also sometimes conflict with OSKOM and Imperiya due to their own wealth. They are traditionally hostile to almost everyone, but have a particularly solid beef with Echelon, jealous of their artifakts and always on the hunt to steal them. Above all else, the Syndikat is driven by money. And seeks to control the baseplate economy.

They are the successors of the Chernarusyn Star Federation

Minor Factions & Other Groups

Faction Leader Notes
Land Barons The Lazy, Dishonorable pacifists that fell to the vices of materialism and beauracracy, known as "Governments" are few and far between on the Battleplate, however large groupings of minifigs grew their villages into towns, and then into cities. And these cities had rules for all of their inhabitants. A perverse concept called "Law". Uniformed goons known as Lawmen, Law enforcers, or Police occupy the cities and act as a physical embodiement of the Government's Laws. Although they're just as much of a "threat" to the civilians as they are to potential attackers of cities. Their Civil Defense Kommand, "OSKOM" is the commissioned armed forces group of most of the City States
Monolith Agents
The Wish Granter Rumors persist of a small cadre of sleepers and other agents who follow a mythical crystalline god, A clandestine and evil order dedicated to completing the Monolith's will on the plates. The members of this Order are a closely guarded secret, so much that order works feverishly not only to hide the identities of it's members, but it's very existence.
Insurgent Clan
Cordova Coalition
Mazer The Coalition is a smaller remnant of the old Empire of which the Imperiya and Bratva also broke off from. They were originally a faction with considerable power, but suffered from an exodus of members and are now a shadow of their former selves. They conduct fleet raids on smaller groups, and periodically involve themselves in larger wars by taking sides in them while they attempt to rebuild. While they pick fights with some of the majors, their main enemy during their rebuilding stage is the Reaver Pirate Clan
House Dragonfyre
A rebel group of the Imperial Magikstrate that exiled itself to the Battleplates to hide, and plot against their foes.
Krieger Clan
Otto Krieger is a smaller, but professional paramilitary group equipped with excellent gear, and enjoy a good fight. They're often referred to as a Mercenary clan as they hold no permanent loyalty to any other group in larger wars
Reaver Clan
Firebrand The Reavers are a band of Pirates who enjoy raiding and pillaging shipping lanes and supply convoys. They are bitter enemies with the Coalition and Bratva
Phalanx Clan
Ziskey Phalanx Clan is another somewhat developed minor faction active on the plates. They're known as a bunch of Tryhards notorious for lots of bravado but rarely accomplishing anything in a fight. Their leader is despised among the community and their forces are typically used as allies of opportunity by groups like the Coalition.
Digger Clan
Unknown The Digger Clan is the most puny Military faction on the plates, With no influence whatsoever, they're forced to tag along with other groups during larger conflicts
Greene Cartel
Black Dragon Clan
Tengu A band of Scavengers and Slavers who have long since used up all the resources in their region, and now fight with swords, spears and metal armor

Ranks and Titles

Within each faction, ranks positions and titles may vary. But between all of them, there are certain types of individuals who fill roles within the groups

Leaders Leaders are as their name implies, the head honchos, the big cheeses, the kings and queens shit of turd mountains. Leaders are weild an abstract trait known as Power. Power, not to be confused with energy that powers devices... is the relative gauge of how many Minifigs one is able to influence, or get them to listen, follow, and obey their commands.

Officers and Generals Officers and Generals are like the middle and upper management of a group. Veterans and Specialists who weild power and skills to control groups of soldiers.. but they themselves are subservient to the Leader. Generals are the highest ranking officers in a group, Who still take orders from the Leader or Leaders. Varying levels of officers, and trusted Generals may go by different names in different groups. But the role remains the same

Engineers Engineers are Technicians, Mechaniks and Nerds who possess the traits and skills to build, repair or improve stuff. Namely the ability to turn a pile of ABS into an actual functional weapon. A faction's Engineers working in R/D are responsible for designing everything from the guns and helmets their troops use, all the way up to the Tanks, Fighters and Fleetships

Psioniks Psioniks are minifigs gifted with paranormal powers. Namely the ability to influence the world with nothing more than their mind. They are similar to Wizards and Mages, but do not explicitly require the use of a staff or other medium to use their abilities.

Artifakts and Special Treasures

Artifakts are extremely rare and powerful items that grant the user special powers or abilities. They come in two varieties. Natural, and Artificial.

Power Staves are a collection of 11 unique and powerful artifakt Magik Staffs that each hold a special power.

Staff Elemental Color Type Powers Owner
Null Rod Red Offensive A ranged energy weapon that will instantly kill anything it hits. It is possessed by the Vorhut Order's Primarch, who hide's it's true identity to others, pretending that the power it holds is actually his own. Under Vorhut possession it is called the Holy Torch Charon (Stolen from Jericho)
Force Blade Blue Offensive A melee weapon that can throw a "wave" of energy as a ranged attack in a wall of death
Corroder Yellow Offensive causes structures and vehicles to fall apart in a mess of acid
Kolobok Green Support Can be used to grant power to minifigs to stave off death, allowing them to survive otherwise fatal blows. Lost during the Attack on Anwar, Likely in Black Legion possession
Dramacron Purple Support Holds power over the mind, influencing minifigs to do things that the caster wants. An especially powerful staff

that can be used to make entire armies go to war with one another

Pacifier Pink Offensive Casts sadistic halleucenations into the minds of minifigs, causing them to go insane and/or kill themselves.
Generator Cyan Support An infinte source of energy.
Pulsar Bright Green Offensive Blasts a powerful, armor penetrating beam Charon (Stolen from Pracka)
Urchin Yellow-Green Support True power of the Urchin has not yet been determined
The Eye Clear Support Considered one of the most powerful of the power staffs. It makes it's user clairvoyant. Allowing them to see through

walls, see hidden traps or threats, and in some cases, predict the future in short spurts.

Obliterator Orange Offensive The most powerful of the offensive staffs, the Obliterator can summon fire and explosions at will, and if used as a melee

weapon, it will deal explosive damage to the target without hurting the user.


Other Artifakts

Artifakt Owner Notes
Blackstar Prime Shulga Blackstar is a cursed sword created from a corrupted black ABS. Gifted to an Agent of the Monolith. It can cut through any material except for Orange Transparent Chainsaws and Beamsabers. It's most revered ability however is that it grants the user the ability to teleport to the Monolith. It will not accept a new owner unless the previous owner has been destroyed. And considering it's current owner is a powerful Psionic who serves the Monolith, it may be impossible to truly kill them off long enough to have the sword change owners
WWWF Belt Macho Man The World Wide Wrestling Federation Championship Belt is held by the greatest wrestler in the brikverse. It grants the wearer a sick array of devastating wrestling moves, but comes with the side effect of making the wearer loud, obnoxious and incredibly irritable. Leaving them unable to go long periods without wrestling to vent their anger. Heavies, Aspiring wrestlers, martial artists and body builders are all compelled by the belt, to engage the wearer in Melee and try to take the Championship for themselves.
Glass Soul Charon The Glass Soul is an orb with a dark soul encased within it. Granted by the God of Shadows, it allows the user to teleport one's self away from danger. It also carries the ability to travel between RealSpace, HyperSpace, WarpSpace and BlueSpace and all other kinds of space. Allowing the individual to theoretically visit any dimension


The Monolith Battleplates are heavily influenced by concepts explored in the Elder scrolls series. And the STALKER Series of computer games.