Operation Mastercutor

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Operation Mastercutor

Campaign: Prussian-Monarchial Conflict

Started: BR 2,011

Finished: BR 2,011

Hosted By: Bragallot

Bragallot - Mastercutor

Ham701 - Lady Vega (Inquistadores)

Warhead - Crucifix (Inquistadores)

TheBlackDog - Eagle (Neo-Prussians)

RobotMonkey - Dominator (Neo-Prussians)

FISH!!! - Sir Starr's Ironclad (Brittanians)

Presumed destruction of Lady Vega, defeat of the Sixth Armada
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Operation Mastercutor was a battle fought on September the 6th, R. 2,011 in the space near and around New Prussia. The Inquistadorial Sixth Armada under the command of Duchess Angelica Del Montero was ambushed and defeated by the Neo-Prussian fleet under the command of Sky Marshal Ritt. It marked the first battle of the Prussian-Monarchial Conflict. The battle saw Duchess Angelica captured, effectively giving the Neo-Prussians a head start in the war, although it came at the price of having to sacrifice most outer bases and heavy losses among the navy's frigates.


Tactical map of the battle, showing Sector 1, the Prussian planets (blue), the Dragonhead cruisers (red) and the ambushing Prussian ships (blue)

After a failed attempt by a Brittanian diplomat to force the Neo-Prussian Empire into the Immortal Alliance, the Inquistadores were quick to respond, launching an invasion along with the VoL and the Brittanian League. Wanting to claim victory for herself, Duchess Angelica launched Operation Exorcism, dividing the Prussian Empire into three sectors that would all be attacked simultaneously and aiming for a quick deployment on the Prussians' outer bases. However, the Prussians were well-prepared, exploding their abandoned bases and killing most of the Inquistadores who had been sent down to capture them in the process, before ambushing the scattered Armada with their ships.


The Inquistadores fielded a large number of Dragonhead cruisers, expecting only light resistance from the Neo-Prussians' Dominator and Eagle frigates. However, the battle saw the first deployment of several of the until that point unknown Neo-Prussian Mastercutor cruisers.

During the boarding action, the Inquistadores relied on their heavy pilots, Inquistadores and light marines, while the Prussians utilized Miliz, ripperbots, farce-wielding pilots and Wolves.


The Mastercutor taking the Crucifix head on

Unable to face the full might of the Armada, the Prussian Fleet concentrated their attacks on sector 1. Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to trap and corner the fleet in turn, Duchess Angelica ordered all of her ships to converge on the sector. However, it turned out to be only a diversion, as a small Prussian detachment commanded by Sky Marshal Ritt, Sir Bragallot and Lt. Myrna appeared and quickly took out Angelica's communications, ensuring she'd be on her own for this fight.

Unable to escape the faster enemy ships, both the Crucifix (Angelica's ship) and its escort ship the Lady Vega (commanded by captain Roberto) turned around to make a stand. Ritt's Dominator quickly engaged the Crucifix, while Myrna's Eagle and Sir Bragallot's Mastercutor attacked the Lady Vega. The frigates, as expected, had a hard time denting the Dragonheads. Myrna tried to send her men to board the Lady Vega, but her Miliz were quickly beaten back. Both the Eagle and the Dominator were quickly destroyed, and Sky Marshal Ritt killed, but not before dealing substantial damage to both enemy cruisers. Myrna survived and continued to help out by piloting a Mobhunter.

Soon after their destruction, a Brittanian ironclad gunboat commanded by Sir Martin Starr came to the Duchess' aid. The tide was turning grim for the Prussians, until faulty communication on the Inquistadores' part caused the Lady Vega to fly into the Crucifix's missiles. Almost immediately after this, the Mastercutor destroyed the Lady Vega's bridge, killing captain Roberto in the process. As both sides utilized all the firepower they could muster, the Mastercutor got caught in between the Ironclad and the Crucifix.

As the Mastercutor moved to take out the Ironclad, Angelica sent her marines to board the Mastercutor. As they were beaten back, the Mastercutor got close enough to the Ironclad to fire its close range turrets, destroying it utterly. Meanwhile, Myrna and the remaining Mobhunter pilots blasted their way into the Crucifix, going for the Duchess, who fought on even though she only had a few men left, but was ultimately captured by Myrna when the Mastercutor's remaining crew also boarded the Crucifix.


Operation Mastercutor left the Sixth Armada scattered and in disarray, though they were able to regroup and set up bases in the ashes of the Prussians' old bases, under the guidance of Admiral Santiago. Most of the Dragonheads in sector 1 had been lost, but the biggest problem was the capture of Duchess Angelica, which gave the Prussians a valuable hostage whom they could use to keep the Immortal Alliance at bay. The Prussian fleet had lost many frigates and secretly sailed to Avalon to be repaired. For her outstanding performance, Myrna was promoted to Sky Marshal. In the months following the battle, hostilities were sparse, though Prussian Ghost Division often harassed the landed Immortal forces.


The Crucifix was played by Warhead, the Lady Vega by Ham701 and the Brittanians by FISH!!!

On the Neo-Prussian side, Bragallot, TheBlackDog and Robotmonkey commanded the Mastercutor, Eagle, and Dominator respectively.


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