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Battles can run more smoothly with supplemental reference materials on hand. Often, BrikWarriors will develop additional rulesets and materials in order to better express a faction or particular playstyle.

Stat Cards

Official Cards

The official cards are nice because they offer a fair amount of balance to the game, and are rendered at a high level of quality. User-created content is typically less nice, so is delegated to a separate catagory.

Fan-made Cards

One of the most common expressions of supplemental material are stat cards that represent faction units and their special abilities and equipment. The following is an ever expanding gallery of these cards.

Reference Sheets

Brikwars 2010 Quick Reference Page 1

Brikwars 2010 Quick Reference Page 2

Brikwars 2018 Quick Start Side A

Brikwars 2018 Quick Start Side b

Variant Rules

Variant Rules run rampant in the Far-Ums. Players may wish to deposit those ideas here.

Fast Growing Kudzu Seeds Spreads 2” each turn Covers and entangles anything it touches, stopping doors, vehicles, and troopers. Does 1d6 damage to buildings and vehicles per 4” of Kudzu Each 2” of Kudzu has 1d4 AV

The brown sound generator The sphincter is a tightly stretched sheet of tissue, almost drum-like in its reactivity to sound. Clever aucoustical engineers have discovered that the resonant frequency of the average human sphincter rests between 16-18 hz, a tone far too low for normal hearing. Powerful tones emitted along these frequencies cause the bowels of human targets to erupt violently. “Brown sound generators” have been the subject of military experiments for decades but it was only recently that French riot police put them to practical use by using parabolic directional speakers; previously, the sound could not be ‘aimed.’ Game effects of brown-sound damage are uncertain but it is sure that victims will be heavily demoralized. Cost and stats left as an exercise for the player


Dupilication Chambers

Cleaning Robots

The Trash Obliterator Shute