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Tek Level is a holdover from the 2001 Edition of BrikWars and is intended to represent an army or unit's teknologikal sophistication. In that earlier form of the game, units attempting to use teknology a single Tek Level (TL) beyond their ken suffered a penalty to Skill in its use. These units were further barred from using teknology above that level. TLs range from level 0 to level 7, representing the spectrum from the most primitive of teknologikal ability to the most advanced, respectively. TLs are still used by some players as a narrative device, intended to provide an "at-a-glance" overview of a particular faction's capabilities, but the actual mechanics of the system are far more rarely considered in the face of the much simpler and streamlined ruleset ideology found in the 2005 Edition.

In general, it is better to think of a faction or unit's overall capabilities in terms of "sophistication levels" instead of technological levels. Such thinking allows for the general measure of abilities outside the normal connotative narratives associated with scientific and mechanical technologies. Some adjustment of the tek levels charts, below, must be made to accommodate this more inclusive approach. For example, magik (perhaps the most common expression of capabilities outside of normal technological abilities) would not be ranked at a specific Tek Level but instead would range through all Sophistication Levels. Its rank would be determined by the faction's ability, or level of power, with its use.

For reference, the following outlines the Tek Levels as presented in the 2001 rulebook:

Tek Level Age Generic Trooper Types
CaveMen–Clubs, big rox.

Dimmies–juniorizing zombie venom, stupidity, freckles

TribalMen–Spears, short bows, horses, ziggurats, tiki masks.

JawJaws–explosive breeding, poisonous slime, the word meesa.

BronzeAge: Ancient Men–Chariots, pyramids, agriculture.

AncientGods–thunder bolts, sky fortresses, earth quakes.

IronAge: ClassicalMen–phalanxes, marble columns, mounted archers.

Faeries–pixie dust, pastel colors, faery magik.

SteelAge: CastleMen–halberds, catapults, castles, heavy cavalry.

PirateMen–galleons, muskets, cannons, modern major generals

NapoleonMen–dragoons, artillery, musketeers, funny hats

FrontiersMen–wooden forts, minute men, steam engines, rodeos

WorldWarTwoMen–machine guns, tanks, hydrogen bombs

S.W.A.T.Men–sniper rifles, armored trucks, head set radios

PostModernMen–stealth aircraft, cruise missiles, the Internet

SpaceMen–phasers, space fleets, force fields, holograms
StarMen–death guns, energy blades, citystars, battle meks
InterDimensionalMen–time machines, sentient planets

GodMen–omnipotent continuum, ability to understand women

Here is an example of more modern thinking about Tek Levels:

Tek Level Age Associated TechKnowlogy Types of Minifig
0 Stone Age Clubs, big rox, stupidity, freckles, zombie venom. Cave Men, Dimmies, Jocks
1 Tool Age Spears, short bows, horses, poo on a stick, wood forts Nomads, Dungan Jaw-Jaws, Trolls
2 Metal Age Chariots, pyramids, agriculture, marble columns, magik, halberds, heavy cavalry, blunderbusses, crossbows, sailing ships Castle Men, Witches and Wizards, Dragons, Pirates
3 Rennaisance Age Muskets, rapiers, steam engine locomotives, books, galleons Conquistadors, Priests, Early Industrialists, Alchemists, Vampires
4 Modern Age Assault rifles, computers, gas and diesel engines, nuclear weapons, missiles, fighter jets, oil tankers Commandos, Nerds, Football Players, Hipsters, Zombies
5 Space Age Lasers, force fields, holograms, space helicopters, interstellar travel Super Soldiers, Androids, Asteroid Miners, Xenomorphs
6 Star Age Teleportation, wormholes, death rays, advanced mecha, energy beams, space castles Deadly Space Men, Warp Daemons, Star Soldiers
7 Hyper Age Time travel, functional immortality, omnipotence, ability to understand women Interdimensional Men, Illuminati, the inventor of Bacon

Some players prefer to forgo assigning a relative numerical value to represent their faction's or unit's capabilities. It is considered a perfectly acceptable practice to refer to the sophistication level instead in terms of descriptive words and phrases, identifying a relatable theme measured by the breadth of the concept. It is the preferred method when doing so, however, that descriptions are kept necessarily brief.