Triangeli Code

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The Triangeli Code is belived by some triangleists to be the ultimate idea in the universe. It is a complex sequence of impossible algebra and trigonometry infused with trans-universal code. According to the legends passed down through the ages, the entire code is the single defining logic that undoubtedly links all of existence with the holy shape, and in its wake it is believed that even the most heretical nonbeliever will believe.

Some small fragments have been purportedly discovered in ancient Trianglist scriptures, and some conjecture that the entire code may be cleverly hidden in their wise words somewhere. What has been discovered are powerful and important trigonometrical equation, previously unthought of by mathematicians anywhere. In the right hands, these functions can change small amounts of matter into its fundamental triangle structure. An entire line of the code is believed to be able to destroy planets by reducing them to their component triangular pyramidal atomic structures, and the entire code's strength can hardly be concieved of by any but the most devout triangleist.