Volse gods

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Volse Gods are the pantheon worshiped by the VoL there are nine gods in the pantheon;

And The all-father, and god of military service and marriage. Husband of Jimelya.

Tuefish The Volse god of war and keeper of Volhall, the hall of the glorious slain, and where every Vol soldier strives to spend eternity.

Samn The god of fire and cunning, he is a brilliant tactician, but is also a troublemaker, causing almost as many problems as he solves.

Sakyrja The god of deception, music and skaldic poetry. Husband of Aljs.

Jo The god of summer, crops and inventions, he taught the Vol to make and use their heavy armor, he was killed by Samn, who dared him to make a suit of armor with no weak points, then used plasma to melt the suit into a solid piece, suffocating Jo.

Tesli The god of science and energy, Tesli gave the Vol vehicles and taught them how to harvest energy from the core of a star. Husband of Ada.

'‍'Ada The goddess of technology, mathematics, writing and computers, she carved runes into Tesli's machines, which brought them to life and told them how to behave. Wife of Tesli.

Jimelya The Goddess of celebration and mead. Wife of And.

Aljs The Goddess of death, necromancy and the underworld, Hel. Wife of Sakyrja.