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Religious Order
Tek Level 7
Controls the Delta Plates
Svoboda, Armata, Black Legion
Notable People
Leader: Jericho

Vorhut Order Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
Red Black Dark Gray Smoked Red Red


Vorhut is the military arm of a Holy Nation hailing from the Delta plate Cluster of the Monolith Battleplates. Violent, xenophobic and fundamentalist, The Vorhut Order has grown to become quite despised in the politics of their world.

Vorhut travels from plate to plate, spreading the will of their deity, Molokh. Their code dictates that the "Impure" must be destroyed. The Order is openly hostile to pretty much any outsider that doesn't fall in line. It is not uncommon for Vorhut to enslave nonbelievers and use them for dumb labor. Their deeds put them at complete odds with the Svoboda Clan, who oppose them on moral grounds, and of course the Black Legion who they see as a great Evil on the world. *Which they aren't entirely wrong on*

Order soldiers will often accompany Molokh Monks to towns in their territory on "Prayer Days" Where the Monks will stand outside of a town and call for some, or all of it's residents to come out and participate in their Holy Prayer. Vorhut acts as the enforcers to the Religion, and those who refuse, or are suspected of breaking their laws are taken away and enslaved or killed. Towns harboring "Fugitives" such as Mutants will often send them into hiding during these visits. The Prayer Days are a leading cause for conflict between Vorhut and neutral towns and settlements. However within the Delta plates, the heartland of Vorhut's power, there is little outside groups can do about it.

Ethos & Objectives

The Order is an Authoritarian police state that exhibits a fanatical attraction to Tradition, Religion and Xenophobia. Criminals are killed or enslaved. And any outside group that threatens to interfere with the Order's interests will often be attacked without a second thought.


Vorhut is controlled almost entirely at the whim of a single individual, known as the Grand Master. very few of the Grand Master's underlings hold any real power or significance.

Character Picture Rank Notes Status
Molokh Ancient Molokh is remembered as a hateful, rogue

Ancient who started a "Cult of the flame". His cult revolved around lighting people he didn't like on fire. Eventually gaining a large Following of mortals who became the "Nation of the Flame" and their militant defenders, the Vanguard of Molok, or Molokh Vorhut Order

Dead, Killed in battle by unknown forces
Jericho Grand Master Jericho is a chosen disciple of Molokh. In the event of his fall,

Molokh chose a number of followers to lead in unison and replace him. Unforuntaley, Jericho came into the possession of a powerful weapon known as the Null Rod, and used it to kill all of his rivals, claiming divine power in his ability to strike down foes with ease, when in reality he was cheating, using an overpowered Ancient weapon

He rules the Vorhut Order from their Holy city, Phoenix. in the Delta Plates