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/tg/ is an important repository of facts. Some of them are about BrikWars and come from reliable sources.

Things I Learned On /tg/

FACT: Rayhawk was last seen in 2009, when he was fired for denying the Holocaust. He was known as Gayhawk for a while.

FACT: The BrikWars 2010 PDF only exists so that children can taunt idiots who can't get a copy.

FACT: Whiteeeagle uses his name on 4chan.

FACT: Rayhawk and Stubby are two different people (Rayhawk quit four years ago, Stubby is his fanboy with mod powers)

FACT: IVhorseman is doing the 2010 rules by himself as some kind of glorious homebrew that is just him repeating "OTC" over and over again

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