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Class B Planet
Tharcan Galaxy
Diameter: 20.000 km
Key Resources
Gems, Metals, Fossil fuels
Controlled By
M-Throne Empire
Vronians: 645.300.000 (appr.),

Other M-Thronians: (appr.), Original Vronians: <1.000

Key Locations
Golden Heart Medical Center, Prison of Togen, State Palace, A-Vrone Imperial Academy

Early History

A-Vrone is the first planet in the Vrone star system found in the Tharcan Galaxy. The planet is covered with 30% land and 70% water. Two of the ten planets in Vrone system are colonized by the Minerse thousands of years ago. A-Vrone is mainly served as a technological and medical base to Minerse but also hosted many industrial facilities. Many important cloning and mining technologies were developed in laboratories on this planet before M-Throne cloning base is founded. Unlike the clones in M-Throne, A-Vrone clones are from both genders and every clone has a small genetic difference than the others. The main DNA source for the A-Vrone clones was a captured black DSM soldier.

After the success of the M-Throne clones, the production of original A-Vrone clones are stopped, therefore the cloning center in A-Vrone lost its importance but still continued to work as a medical base. While the population of the original A-Vrone clones started to decrease, M-Thronian clones are transferred to the planet by the Minerse to maintain the labor work. Even after original A-Vrone clones were extinct* the culture of A-Vrone clones continued to live among the transferred clones and these clones identify themselves as Vronians.

  • Note that some of the original A-Vrones and their direct (pure) successors are known to be alive even today.

State of Vrone and Joining to the Empire

State of Vrone Emblem.

By the time of the great Riots the Vronians on both A- and C-Vrone revolt against the Minerse members and established a star state named Police State of Vrone. Shortly after the establishment the state, Vronians overwhelmed by the power of the rising M-Throne Empire and joined the Empire. Today the Vronian state serves as the local government of two planets. Vronians are known to be very legalist and although they still dentify themselves as Vronians they are proud citizens of the M-Throne Empire.

The emblem of the state is two pentagons one within the other with a yellow star in the center. The meaning of the inner pentagon is the five planets orbiting Vrone. When the state was founded, it has claims over these five planets which of three are abandoned today because colonizing or terraforming these planets are unprofitable. The outer pentagon are the other five planets of the system. The yellow star is symbolizing Vrone which is emitting light with yellowish color.

Economy, Technology and Lifestyle

A view from Ronos, capitol of the A-Vrone.

Today millions of people are living in metropols on A-Vrone. These cities are full with ultra high skyscrapers. Rich Vronians are living in the top floors of these buildings. Workers and unemployed people are living in ground floors. Electrically and magnetically powered air-cars and ground-cars are used for transportation. Like all rich people around the world rich Vronians like jewelry and fashion.

Today these cities are known to be the heart of the medical operations. Hundreds of thousands of people visit this planet for medical treatments. Most of the rich people are the owners of the medical facilities. Most important type of these facilities are the “Life Enhancement Center”. In these centers the cells of the body are almost completely repaired. Since this procedure is very expensive only the richest of the universe are able to afford this treatment. Second most important sector is imprisonment sector. High security prisons are holding thousands of prisoners. The M-Throne Empire is funding these prisons according to their prisoner capacity. Advenced brainwashing, brain-erasing, brain-recompiling techniques are used to convert criminals into productive members (mostly members of the labor class).

The capitol city of A-Vrone is Ronos. Ronos is also the largest and most populated city on the planet. The famous Golden Heart Medical Center is found in this city. The city is also famous with its traffic problem. Even with the air-traffic-lines get sometimes very dense with floating-cars. Like all maga cities on A-Vrone, Ronos can be seen from space with naked eye.

The air pollution is very limited due to the strict environmental politics. The local laws do not let any kind of pollution and motivates the industrial facilities to use environmentally friendly energy sources. The main power source are the solar collectors placed in the orbit. These collectors are gathering energy from solar radiation emitted from Vrone and at the same the prohibit the global warming on A-Vrone.

Military Activity

Vrone Star Guard uniform.
State of Vrone Starcruiser.

The local government namely the State of Vrone has a limited planetary defence force and a small interstellar fleet. The Vronian soldiers are called “Vrone Star Guard”. They wear black uniforms with State Guard emblem. White airtanks and helmets are the standard equipments supplied by the M-Throne Imperial Army.

The M-Throne Empire has a very strong military presense in the Vrone star system. There are defensive facilities on both A- and C-Vrone and there is an imperial fleet base on A-Vrone for maintenance purposes. Additionally a military academy is found on A-Throne. This academy train Vronians who wants to serve the Empire as officers in the Imperial Army and Imperial Fleet.