Allied Nations - Third Alliance War

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Allied Nations - Third Alliance War

Started: G.R. 2012

Allied Nations*United Systems/NATO
Praetorian Empire

Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria

United Systems Alliance

Great Scythian Empire

Assyrian Star Empire

Space Nazi Reich

Britannian League

Confederation of Polonia

AN/NATO Command
Space Lord Cromwell

President Kuroki

Admiral Fleur

President B’lack Obama

Scythian Emperor

Lord Hearcer

Empress Xianghua

Chancellor Angela

Queen Victoria V

Lord Prime Minister Arthur Wellesley

Admiral Blackdog

Presydent Sadow

Coffee Naan (deceased)

Third Alliance
Der Reich von Bavaria

Three Letter Acronym

The Police State of Venice

Kingdom of Denmark

Empire of Luchardsko

Briktoid Automata

Republic of Independent Nations


Krakow Union

Corporate State of Hellios

Akkadian Empire of Ultra-Badassery

Neo-Prussian Empire

Other unlisted TA member states


TA Command
Uberkaiser Piltogg

Kaiserin Renate

Prinz Klaus Jr.

Man in the Top Hat

Emperor Harlek

Bob the Unbuilder

Mobfather Scratch


Presidente Briggs

Mandalore the Maverick

Kaiser Klaus (MIA)

Uberkaiser Alec (deceased)

Kaiserin Siri (deceased)

Secession of TA from the AN GA

TA conquest of Planet New York

Dissolution of the AN

Retaking of Planet New York

Formation of NATO

Invasion of Bavaria


AN-TA War, Part I

The A.N.*U.S-Third Alliance War is a ongoing conflict between the Allied Nations*United Systems collective, and the Third Alliance. The war was the result of straining tensions over the departure of members of the Third Alliance from the Allied Nations general assembly due to counterfeited Avalonian diplomatic communiqués. The departure of these members would hinder the A.N's ability to promote violence and as such required the application of violence to solve the problem.

Originally, plans for any war were instantly killed when the Brittanians immediately veto'd a motion to deploy peacekeepers in the Security Council. It was only when members of the general assembly voted on a resolution to take matters into their own hands did the war begin.

The first point went to the Third Alliance, when in an astounding show of balls, the Avalonians kidnapped president Angela of Trattoria. This was immediately responded to by the Infiltration of the Zupponn Mining Co of the Avalonian home planet, they set up ambushes, disrupting movement of Avalonian troops and resources. The ZMC campaign successfully harassed the Avalonians.

ZMC ambushes of Avalonian patrols proved effective.
AN*US forces prepare to volley the TA fleet in Winter Has Arrived.

The next major engagement of the war occurred on the RIN border, with a combined fleet of Trattorian and Praetorian ships attacking a mining operation, guarded by RIN, Akkadian, Bavarian and Scythian vessels.

However, halfway through the battle a force of Trattorians showed up and blasted the hell out of themselves. These ships were sent by Siri, who filled the power vacuum left by the President Angela and took the opportunity to become Kaiserin of Trattoria. Trattoria then joined the TA.

Various other engagements occurred throughout the AN-TA war, including an assault on Praetorian shipyards. The State of Vergilius Raskolnikov attempted to attack the Allied Nations in the confusion of the AN-TA war, and a rogue USA fleet attempted to strike at the home planet of Vergilius Raskolnikov with a stolen AN amygdala-disruptor cannon in retaliation.

The First Battle of New York

The final point went to the Third Alliance, who used advanced war portal technology gained in Project Amerikabomber to deploy a Third Alliance coalition force of seven-thousand ships straight at the USA planet of New York and destroy the Allied Nations Headquarters. An ongoing account of this epic battle (known as Operation Iron Sky) is being compiled [[1]].

The AN was attacked by the Third Alliance on New York. Billions of people(grillions if you include the Briktoid Automata) were killed in a massive space battle above it, and the AN headquarters was destroyed by Geraldden Mercenaries. The attack on New York was lead by Kaiser Alec I on the ground and by a coalition of Kaiserin Siri, Zweitekaiser Klaus of Bavaria(who brought only a token amount of ships), and the Briktoid Automata.

Because the kingdoms in the Third Alliance are constantly vying for Piltogg's favouritism, Zweitekaiser Klaus had to make both the Silvarian Empire and Britannian League surrender to him if he wanted as much glory as Alec or Siri. So, he executed James DeSilva, a Britannian Statesman and father of a Britannian Admiral, and destroyed the capital city of Pendragon with FLEIJAs(nukes without radiation).

The Parliament and Monarchy were killed in the blast, but Queen Victoria V, as it turns out is an immortal. She declared war on the Third Alliance and now Admiral Byron DeSilva, organized a counterattack on the Bavarian lines on the planet Bohem.

The war ended with this: "Yeah, I think it's time to fold it. The AN is hereby officially dissolved." Colette, BR 2,012 Following the occupation of New York by the Third Alliance forces.

The Second Battle of New York

See Second Battle Of New York

Months later, the Praetorian Empire had constructed the then-largest ever dreadnought, the Inexorable, and launched an offensive to retake New York. The USA and Scythia also united against the TA, and won the Second Battle Of New York. The AN-TA war began again, and Trattoria regained a pro-AN, democratic president after the assassination of Siri, thus strengthening the neu-AN forces.

Scythian forces firing on the Angel Sahaquiel during the Second Battle of New York (from Eye of God Turn 4)

AN-TA War, Part II

The Second Battle of New York revitalized the AN-TA War and many battles ensued. A list is provided below.

Piltogg's Quest

The AN*US Ripper rams the Akkadian flagship Dethstar over Medivo.

In G.R. 2014, Piltogg set out towards Medivo in search of the Skully Grail as a part of the Quest of Piltogg. Piltogg realizes the AN's involvement after noticing the incompetence of his crew, a side effect of the PAX Corps' amygdalar-limbic disruptors. It turns out that the Allied Nations secretariat had faked its initial destruction in the First Battle of New York and had absconded with its OT stockpiles to construct a warship-sized OTC, a countermeasure against Medivo's anti-teknology field. Led by Captain Panda Ranuker as well as Peacenik and the Lux Jehoel, AN*US reveals its goal of gathering the technology, resources, and cheap bullshit tactics of a hundred star empires under the guise of intergalactic diplomacy. This was in order to stop any empire or minifig (such as Piltogg and the Artifax) who tries to concentrate too much awesomeness in one place and risk destroying reality, as the Deadly SpaceMen did when they shattered the First BrikVerse.

An ongoing account of this battle can be found in Rainbow War II: Jellybean Apocalypse: Grail War (link top thread when finished).

Operation Dominion's Call

Now NATO (the former neu-AN forces) is gathering to launch an assault on Bavaria’s home star system of Fleck in Operation Dominion's Call, thus subjugating the empire and silencing the last active backer of the withering TA. Bavaria has called upon many allies from both the old Third Alliance as well as newer forces.

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Assault on the Starlark space elevator over the planet Zugkraftsburg

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Vanderheim Top thread:

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Stag Party, chat battle, finished:

Crystal Conflict, chat battle, finished:

Space Oddities, chat battle, finished:

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Operacja: Laserowy Gniew (Operation: Laser Wrath), finished:

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