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Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild
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Organizational Structure
Tek 4 (ish)
None listed
Various zombies, mummies, werewolves, vampires, Cyclops, ogres, etc...
Notable People
Grunge Smith


Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild

The Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild is the premier adventurers guild on Pekab. It is nominally headed, or fronted, by Grunge Smith, although he isn't really the leader as such. They're Anarcho-Syndicalist, after all, so they don't really have leaders. The member rolls of ASAG keeps changing as new members join and older ones retire (or get killed), but as of now, this is how it looks:

The core of the group is made up of the Red Brigade, so called because they all drive around in dark red vehicles (and not because they're Dirty Commies, OK?). The SteamPunk Twins, Bob and Rob, drive a pair of souped-up sports cars in cream, and make up the second vehicle unit of ASAG. These two units make up the core of the motor-pool, although there are rumours that four Trike bikers are being sweet talked into joining ASAG, and it is likely that Evie will head up a rapid reaction vehicle squad with them should these plans come to fruition.

ASAG currently has three five-person teams on foot, and their forces are rapidly expanding.



Pekab is a type 1 planet much like Earth, but with most of the shitty bits taken out. It has three main landmasses surrounded by wild oceans and many groups of islands and atolls. The creator of this planet didn't think too much in terms of usual geography, but this is the Brikverse, right? Right. Just so that you know...

The three continents are Nord in the north, Ekk in the east, and Amazonia in the west. To the south is just a polar ice cap. It has not been explored yet, so we have no idea if there is land beneath it, or not. It's bloody cold down there, colder than it is up in Nord. Rumours abound that it is a region of pure Khaos, but the more sane (or boring) think that this is just an old wives' tale.


The Teknology of Pekab is somewhat eclectic, mixing Steam Punk and Diesel Punk elements in with some advanced weaponry (comparable to today). The minifigs of Pekab have not ventured into space yet, but rumour has it that the SteamPunk Twins are working on a SHIP. This is all very hush hush right now, but the end result is bound to be a little unusual and very, very baroque...


Pekab is split between several small nations, principalities, and Anarchist Free States. Most of these are no larger than a few well placed cities and their surrounding countryside. Where there are governments (Anarchist Free States naturally being excluded), they cover the whole gamut of modes of governance, from Constitutional Democracies to militarised police states, and everything in between. Despite all these various methods of governance, or forms of government, no one has found one that actually works yet...



The Lands of Ekk to the east are mostly desert, interspersed with long winding rivers through fertile strips of land and deep crevices with ancient cities hidden within. Away from these rather hectic places are rolling sand dunes with the occasional oasis for anyone lucky enough to actually reach one. Hidden within these deserts are Necropolises of the Dead, great tomb-cities guarded by various denizens that defy all logic – but never-the-less, they exist, and they tend to get rather pissed if one disturbs their aeons-long slumber. Also, they do get pissy about one stealing their stuff, especially stuff made of gold and encrusted with precious stones. They get so pissy, in fact, that they often raise up whole armies to deal with intruders.

Needless to say, only the most foolhardy or experienced adventurers go there, and many do not make it back out alive…


Aegyptus is the land of pyramids and mummies, ancient tombs and military dictatorships. The government appears to be under the thrall of the Technocratic Caliphate of Urk. The Republic of Aegyptus is a thin strip of land surrounding the river Denial, with mountains to its south, from which Denial has its tributaries. Apart from the fertile areas either side of Denial, most of Aegyptus is desert, and it is within these deserts that one will find the great Necropolises of the Dead.

Ashan Caliphate

The Ashan Caliphate is found on the western ‘tip’ of Ekk, and is an ancient kingdom which has not embraced modernity. Modern technology is not so much forbidden as generally distrusted and not used to any great extent. Horseback and camel are the main forms of transport, with only a very few motor vehicles being present – usually owned by foreign visitors and dignitaries to the caliphate. It is ruled by the Caliph Teispes, a young Caliph who has a keen sense of tradition. To call Teispes a Luddite would be grossly unfair, as he was educated in some of the best private schools and universities found in Blighty, and is perfectly familiar with all modern technologies. It is more accurate to say that he considers the disadvantages of modern technology far outweigh the perceived benefits, and certain things, like firearms, one could well do without.

Despite the lack of more modern technology, the Ashan Caliphate are by no means backwards. Their standard of medical care is as high as that found in any Nord nation-state, and their farming methods are the envy of other regions of Ekk. The south of the country is rich and verdant, and the Ashan Caliphate are able to export vast quantities of food to other, more impoverished, regions of Ekk. The north of the country gives way to savannah then to mountainous deserts, which forms a natural defensive border around the caliphate.

The Technocratic Caliphate of Urk

The Technocratic Caliphate of Urk, or TCU for short, is a collection of small oil-rich islands off the east coast of Ekk with rather more geopolitical clout than their size should engender. Because of their immense oil wealth (there is no such thing as peak oil in the BrikVerse), they have gained a level of technology comparable to most Nord Nation States. Their oil wealth also pays for the Caliph’s pet project, the Al Ekk News channel. All the latest news and views get onto the channel’s programming, including news and views other states would rather not have aired on international television.


Nord is cold, and the further north you go, the colder it gets. The very north of Nord is so cold that everything is covered in ice all the year round and the people there drink strong spirits all the time just to keep warm. Alcoholism is considered a general life hazard of anyone living within the northernmost regions of Nord.

The further south you go in Nord, the more temperate (i.e., wet) the weather becomes. The southern regions even occasionally have summers, although they don’t last very long and can be rained out completely during some years. This region is known for small principalities that have only survived because they are far too small to to be worth the bother of invading.


One of the many small island nations is Blighty, which is just off the south coast of Nord. The weather is temperate, having dry cold winters with some snow, mild and wet springs and autumns, and occasionally sunny summers. The old monarchy were forcefully retired from office some years back, and Blighty is now run by a council of Elders.

The Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild has their main compound in Blighty.

The Soviet Rusk Republic

The Principality of Rusk was a feudal monarchy until a little revolution happened there, led by the charismatic Alexander Lemon. The Tsar and his whole family were executed in a bloody Coup d’Etat and a new form of government installed along Dirty Commie lines. This region of Nord is also infamous for werewolves, vampires, zombies, and mad scientists.

Note: Dirty Commies are not to be confused with Socialists, a mistake so often made by Americans and the ignorant. While Socialists believe in a more egalitarian society where capital is enslaved to the will and the needs of the people, Dirty Commies just pose as Socialists in order to gain power and then set up a Corporatist Autocracy disguised as a Soviet State. Dirty Commies are usually funded in secret by major banking families and vampire counts alike.

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