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Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild
Blank fig.jpg
Organizational Structure
Tek 4 (ish)
None listed
Various zombies, mummies, werewolves, vampires, Cyclops, ogres, etc...
Notable People
Grunge Smith

Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild

The Anarcho-Syndicalist Adventurers Guild is the premier adventurers guild on Pekab. It is nominally headed, or fronted, by Grunge Smith, although he isn't really the leader as such. They're Anarcho-Syndicalist, after all, so they don't really have leaders. The member rolls of ASAG keeps changing as new members join and older ones retire (or get killed), but as of now, this is how it looks:

The core of the group is made up of the Red Brigade, so called because they all drive around in dark red vehicles (and not because they're Dirty Commies, OK?). The SteamPunk Twins, Bob and Rob, drive a pair of souped-up sports cars in cream, and make up the second vehicle unit of ASAG. These two units make up the core of the motor-pool, although there are rumours that four Trike bikers are being sweet talked into joining ASAG, and it is likely that Evie will head up a rapid reaction vehicle squad with them should these plans come to fruition.

ASAG currently has three five-person teams on foot, and their forces are rapidly expanding.

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