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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Dr. Venter
Country: Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria
TRX: ACL 103.72 0.23 (0.22%)

"Immortality within reach"

Acelera's research division constantly delivers tomorrow's pharmaceutical innovations.
An ACU squad and a transport chopper.

Dr. Venter, a former Chief Scientist of Trattoria, founded Acelera Pharmaceuticals after discovering Miracle Cure in collaboration with current Department Chairs Dr. Pang and Dr. Ong. Since then, Acelera Pharmaceutical’s 38-year history has been marked by unrelenting expansion in both markets and industries, making it a strong favorite among Trattorian investors. Through its unceasing growth, Acelera has become the leader of the Nehellium healthcare industry.

Acelera maintains patents on thousands of treatments and medications, from pills for the common cold to Miracle Cure. Although the Trattorian government places tight restrictions on medical exports (Miracle Cure in particular), Acelera has managed to adapt to this obstructive legislative framework through tiered treatment plans, offering progressively more expensive medical options to wealthier foreigners. In line with its mercantilist philosophy, the Trattorian government subsidizes Acelera prices for its own Citizens.

Acelera has also expanded into sectors beyond drug manufacturing in a bid to take over the entire galactic medical industry. It has offered medical services in line with its tiered treatment plans, including surgery and hospital operation. After its ₮13 trillion acquisition of Alexandrian Insurance Corporation, Acelera entered the health insurance sector.

Shortly thereafter, the United Systems Alliance passed the O'bumcare/AffrontAble Care Act, a move which Acelera criticized as an attempt to protect the USA’s domestic healthcare industry. The USA and the Assyrian Star Empire have stalwartly resisted Acelera’s market penetration attempts, and recent gains by Assyrian medical corporations have caused Acelera to lose some momentum with investors. Nonetheless, CEO Dr. Venter assures stockholders that Acelera Pharmaceuticals will triumph in its quest to dominate the BrikVerse’s medical sector.

Acelera, like many other Trattorian corporations, has recently come under fire for alleged abuses in minifig rights and ethical corporate governance (particularly with regards to its notoriously militant patent-trolling and influence in the Trattorian legislature). Activists have also blamed Acelera for dragging Trattoria into the Denmark-Empryan War over Emprya's Peach Virus cure patent violation (this was since resolved and Trattoria has withdrawn from the war). In addition to lawsuits, the Galactic Intellectual Property Organization, and corporate sabotage, the Acelera Compliance Unit is occasionally employed to enforce Acelera patents with military strength.

Acelera Pharmaceuticals would like to reiterate that it defends its intellectual property.

With military force.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: ₮122.8 trillion 17.0%
Profits: ₮21.3 trillion 1.8%
Total Assets: ₮166.9 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: ₮74.0 trillion
Market Value: ₮271.3 trillion
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