Admiral Blackdog

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Admiral Blackdog

Admiral of the Blue Sector of Britannia

Britannian League


The Vice Admiral of the Blue Sector, Admiral Blackdog is a member of an unknown alien species. In addition to being a competent ground and naval strategist, he is a talented pilot and sniper. In combat, he usually leads from the front, commanding a fast frigate in space battles and the Bad Dogs, his personal commando unit, in combat on the ground.


Admiral Blackdog himself is somewhat reticent about his origins. Found aboard a crashed starship by a group of pirates, he was put to work as a technician at the pirates' base, where he exhibited an impressive knowledge of mechanics and starship systems. His most notable demonstration of this was the construction of a hidden hyperwave transmitter which he used to broadcast the base's location to a nearby Britannian patrol. After the Britannians rescued him from the base, he joined the Britannian navy and rose through the ranks to become vice Admiral of the Blue Sector.

Shortly after becoming Blue Sector Admiral, Blackdog led an invasion of the T.L.A.'s home system, Refuge. The initial assault was a success, occupying most of the planet's surface and driving the T.L.A. into a large network of underground caverns. After pinpointing one entrance to the caverns, Admiral Blackdog massed his ground forces to breach it. However, this was in fact part of the T.L.A.'s plan; they sent a cloned Deadly SpaceMan to hijack Blackdog's flagship in orbit and crash it into the surface of Refuge, almost wiping out the Britannian forces there. Blackdog led several Britannian troops in a daring escape, hijacking several T.L.A. ships and tangling with both navies and pirates on the long voyage back to Britannia. Shortly after arriving, he convinced Queen Victoria to end Britannia's cease-fire treaty with Bavaria and join NATO.

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