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Airports are locations that vary from a huge, crowded, self-contained community to a dirt streak in a pasture with a lifeguard chair for a control tower. It is here where planes take off after being loaded with passengers, snakes, bombs or whatever mayhem the Humans see fit. Planes, however, tend not to actually land at airports since they usually explode, crash, or make good use of Kamikaze tactiks.

Possible Uses:

  • Access to aviation vehicles.
  • The large number of civilians could serve as allies or neutral parties.
  • Planes could serve as explosive caches or deathtraps.
  • Planes could deploy reinforcements.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Airports contain lots of open space with very little real cover, even inside the terminals. If there are a lot of civilians, however, soft cover can be obtained by using the crowd to one's advantage.
  • High ground advantage exists from the tower and arriving or departing planes. Since the planes are temporary affairs, the tower is sure to be an objective of contention.


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