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The Crest of Akkadia

The Crest of Akkadia

We are no rag-tag bunch, rather the most organised special operations unit in the galaxy. The Akkadians don't even own a planet, and have converted to be a completely space-faring civilization to avoid detection. Think of us perhaps, as the Brikverse's Mafia, only somehow also combined with CERN and NASA and various other scientific organisations, all headed by a secret society governed by a league of assasins.

Our primary objective is to produce profit, not necessarily capital profit, but technological profit. Much like the Spytron faction of old, the Akkadians devote a large portion of their time to collecting things. It doesn't really matter to them what sort of things they are collecting, so long as they are powerful, rare, or technologically advanced things.

Akkadian science is a bit different than the science of most other star-nations. It's illegitimate science "Mad-science" if you will, based on combining random things and seeing what works rather than actual experimentation or something like that. Many Akkadian creations are highly volatile and likely to fail, or even explode within the first couple months of use, but eventually stabilize as Akkadian mechanix work out the fleebnorks. This science will stop at nothing, combining mechanical, biological, heroic, and even magical components in order to produce favored results.

What the purpose of all this development, weaponisation and collection is for, is unknown to all but the ruling council and their Public face, Piltogg

Notable creations: 1. The Juggernaught capital ship -- Essentially the Akkadian's home planet. Where all of their collections are eventually stored, and where their most secret laboratories and mechanix workshopz are located. The Juggernaught is also the location of the Akkadian ruling council. The ship's specifications and outward appearance are not generally known, as if it has ever been seen before, there were not any survivors, but it is common speculation that it is probably some form of space-hulk with super-natural capabilities.

2. Personal Teleporters: The akkadians have managed to work up a working teleportation device, although it's still pretty unstable, it has proven to be highly effective in anti-SHIP combat.

3. Matter creation/destruction weapons: These weapons are not yet widely distributed, but have seen some action during the campaign near Krysto. It is unknown how they work or why it would be necessary to use them.

4. Boom-sticks: Somebody thought it would be cool to attach an MKII explosive to the end of a spear. It was indeed cool. Suicidal, but cool.

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