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Allied Nations
Diplomatic Organization
Tek Level 6
International bureaucratic obstructionism
United Systems Alliance
Third Alliance
Notable People

The Allied Nations was founded in BR 1,946 by PeaceNik on the belief that, once all of the factions are together and forced to pay dues to a single organization, they would be more peaceful. For some reason, the galaxy did not become a safer place. Now the AN stands as a crumbling, ineffective bureaucracy with only a few remaining active members, most notably the United Systems Alliance. The dependent relationship between The Allied Nations and The United Systems is called the Allied Nations-United Systems relationship, or A.N.U.S. for short.

The AN charter is the Directive of Incorporated Colonies and Kingdoms, or simply abbreviated to D.I.C.K. Some political pundits say that the D.I.C.K. should not be involved in the A.N.U.S. However, no one cares about the AN enough to pay attention.

The original D.I.C.K. prohibited violence within the organization and dictated military cooperation between nations - "united as brothers and sisters, kin in military force." The violence-suppressing Force-Kin clause proved grindingly unpopular, and this section of the charter was eventually amended by popular acclaim. With the Force-Kin removed, the D.I.C.K. was enhanced to instead promote violence, war, beer, strippers, and porn, and to allow steel-cage death matches in committee sessions. Many political pundits, such as Stephen Colbert, attribute the Allied Nations' recent revival and success to its D.I.C.K. enhancements.

The AN consists of three branches: the AN General Assembly, of which every recognized nation in the BrikVerse is a member; the AN Security Council, a 15-member committee with 5 permanent veto powers, which can pass binding resolutions and deploy PAX Corps peacekeeping forces; and the Allied Criminal Court.

AN General Assembly in session circa BR 2,012

Membership list will be attached once updates are completed.

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