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Angelica Del Montero



Duchess Angelica Del Montero is the Sixth Legionary General of the Inquistadorial Monarchy and the first woman among the Inquistadores to ever attain a military rank this high. She is of noble blood and the head of her house along with her husband Felipe Del Montero.

Unit Abilities

Angelica has a grasp on military tactics and strategy that is at its best when she's fueled by a desire for vengeance. She is also proficient in the use of a beamsabre and is very accurate with a laser pistol to the point where she was able to take out a Prussian Abwehrgeschütz in one shot, as shown in Killing Time.


Born Angelica da Rosa Borges, Angelica chose her own husband, seducing Felipe Del Montero, whom she thought was a dumb brute who would be easy to control. After the marriage, Angelica quickly became the most influential person of her house, as she had planned.

Hungry for more power, Angelica organized and led the Sixth Immortal Legion against the Neo-Prussian Empire at the eve of the Immortal War. She launched Operation Exorcism, but suffered a defeat when the Prussians launched Operation Mastercutor to counter it and was captured by Sir Bragallot. She was released for a ransom, but not before a robot clone of her had killed the entire Inquistadorial High Council.

Desiring vengeance, Duchess Angelica rejoined the Immortal Alliance on their second attack on the Prussian Empire. This resulted in her becoming one of the casualties of the battle of Fort Waldstein.

She was later brought back from the dead by Sharane Darkstar through Immortal Tech to keep her house under control and contain the civil war to some degree at the eve of the Contamination Wars. During Sky Runs Red, Angelica commanded a Jaguar-class Dragonhead cruiser in an attack on the Assyrian space station that was threatening Dios, but her ship was destroyed before she could deliver the commandos to the space station. Her current fate is unknown.

Notable Appearances

Duchess Angelica fighting alongside Brittanian allies during Killing Time
Battle Date Storyline Played By Result Thread
2011 2010 ώ ώ ώ ώ
6th Immortal Legion 2011 13/05 Prussian-Monarchial Conflict Bragallot Story Forum Thread
Operation Mastercutor 2011 14/05 Prussian-Monarchial Conflict Warhead Defeat Forum Thread
The Return 2011 10/30 Prussian-Monarchial Conflict Bragallot Story Forum Thread
2012 2011 ώ ώ ώ ώ
Killing Time 2012 15/03 Prussian-Monarchial Conflict lawmaster Defeat Forum Thread
Sky Runs Red 2012 01/09 Contamination Wars Thesson Defeat Forum Thread
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