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Apocalypses of many kinds have probably happened to the BrikVerse several times over. These various endtimes may have come about as the logical conclusion of natural forces or at the hands of the many apocalyptic agents who overtly and covertly attempt to steer the entire universe toward oblivion. Philosophies may vary among these vying forces, from obliteration by corruption to even a lack of concern or knowledge about the effects of their power, but the end result is always (and probably will always) be the same. It's nothing to worry about though. It's mostly the process of an Apocalypse that people find to be interesting and cool, so the forces of Kanon often keep the universe going. So sundered and disconnected is it, it would be virtually impossible for the whole thing to be affected at the same time anyway. Still, one major theory persists that there will indeed be a final Rekonstruktion, when the universe will blink out entirely.

BR 3,955, the EndTime

Upon the sundering of the original universe caused by the unrelenting Ossumness of the Deadly SpaceMen, 1,977 previous generations of reality were spontaneously generated. Operating with Ossum's Razor, a vastly potent Artifakt of Divination, Brik Theologians were able to dissect the universe and discover that exactly 1,977 generations of reality would also follow, thus ending all time in the Rekon BR 3,955. Their initial theories ran that the universe would simply run out of ABS at that time and the whole universe (or all its various and sundry bits, in any case) would simply vanish into oblivion.

Of course, Ossum's Razor, like most Divination implements, was notoriously vague so there remains some doubt as to whether the information the theologians received was accurate or if it was merely interpreted to suit their present bias. Though certainly not any kind of verifiable proof, the mysterious Ice Fields of Skadus have lent great credence to their theories all these many years, as one of the very few Universal Konstants in the BrikVerse. Rumors persist that the Final Battle is, was, and will be held here, deep in the heart of the system where teknologies from the any of the currently fully explored over 2,000 Rekonstruktions can never hope to pierce. Are these the Deadly SpaceMen returned? The agents of some apocalypse or similar endtimes? Or merely all the energies of the BrikVerse coalesced into a singularity that wipes everything out? No one knows, yet, but there are several who tirelessly work toward making sure that it's them in the end.

Apocalyptic Agents

There are three major groups of Apocalyptic Agents in the BrikVerse (among countless smaller factions and cults), who all desire to bring about a variety of endtimes in their own ways and for their own reasons. They have been foiled and/or succeeded in their infinite Armageddons countless times in the past, and it's expected that their ongoing apocalypses will continue far into the future.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the Apocalyptic Agents, not of the BrikVerse, but of the HumanVerse. They are the classical harbingers of doom who seek to bring about the end of Humanity. They have no particular enmity toward the BrikVerse but since it is fundamentally Human Created and Driven, the BrikVerse is directly affected by their actions. The Personified Concepts of War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death are an unfortunate blight upon the fabric of Humanity's future but they are nothing but a boon to the minifigs and other creatures of the BrikVerse. The more enlightened of these minifigs build shrines to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and give them high fives whenever they encounter them directly. Every action one of these Horsemen takes keeps the Apocalypse constantly exploding throughout the BrikVerse and keeps at bay the sinister and creeping influence of the Four Horsemen of the Brikpocalypse.

The Four Horsemen of the Brikpocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Brikpocalypse are the Apocalyptic Agents of the BrikVerse and they are to minifigs what the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are to Humans. The Personified Concepts of Peace, Stability, Righteousness, and Poop ride to spread their sickness and corruption everywhere in the BrikVerse. When they are seen in battle, they appear as weak, laughable figures, easily defeated and sent packing. But while everyone laughs and has a good time kicking them around, no one ever stops long enough to wonder just how it is, exactly, that they're still alive or why it is, exactly, that they keep coming back for more. The quiet truth is that each new Anorak that enters the universe revives and reinvigorates them and allows them to continue gathering power and influence. A few theologians posit that the sounds of battle coming from within the Ice Fields aren't really a Final Battle of any kind but, rather, the echoes of all the Battles in the BrikVerse ever fought contained in a final, deathly cold resting place where they will eventually fade to nothing.

The Four Bikers of Ragnablok

The Four Bikers of Ragnablok are a group of badass space bikers who ride upon the fabled Rocket Hogs. They represent the quintessence of the BrikVerse's Spirit, riding through space and time causing all sorts of unbridled mayhem. These great warriors party and fight with every breath they breathe and bear down on the BrikVerse with all their combined might and powers. It isn't that these Bikers bear any ill will toward their home universe but rather that they want to bring it Revelation after Revelation. After all, what else could the essence of the BrikVerse do but destroy everything (including itself) in a thoroughly enjoyable, unmitigated Blaze of Glory?

Lesser Apocalyptic Agents

The Sons of Mim, An Arkeaisian Faction dedicated to wiping out their world, which they see as unforgivably tainted with Nega.