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Forum persona:

Apollyon is a metalhead from Berlin, Germany, does not live with his mom and is old enough to post in the beer section of the forums. He owns the Briktopians and some yet to be finally named factions on Revalus. Current forum rank: "I made it to 804 posts without getting a rank." Forum avatar: (depicting the Mirduk minifig)
Apollyon avatar.jpg

In the BrikVerse.

Apollyon is a Strategos of the Briktopians, currently in command of the Ghost Division. He can fly and has a pain amplifier in his helmet. He suggested to build super weapons with the revenue of the Maniac Beer(tm) contract after the Hyperion incident.

Apollyon in the popular Warhead rendition:
Apollyon by warhead.jpg

Apollyon and Warhead on the Hyperion's bridge:
Apollyon hyperion.png

Apollyon also appears on Medivo, where is is a valiant rune paladin fighting evil. He became part of the Medivo storyline after Apollyon (the forum member) gave Zahru II the contents of the R. 2011 Kingdoms advent calender.
Apollyon by zahru.jpg

Apollyon's Forum Profile

Inhabitants of the Universe

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