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Fixed Apple by Android 2.jpg
Distinctions: Fortune 666, Dow Jones
CEO: Tim Cook
Country: Sovereign Corporation (Trattoria-associated)
NASDAQ: AAPL 207.99 +0.60 (0.29%)

"Think different, by buying our products"

Hello! Thank you for coming. We're going to make some history today.

Welcome to Appel Inc. We are the second-largest company in the known BrikVerse and its most valuable brand.

Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. Appel has been very fortunate- we've been able to introduce a few of these into the world. In G.R. 1984 we introduced the Macintosh. It didn’t just change Appel, it changed the whole galactic computer industry. In G.R. 2001 we introduced the first iPod. And it didn’t just change the way we all listen to music, it changed the entire music industry. Well, since then, we've introduced the iPhone, the iPad, the iWatch, and the iGlass, each with their own accompanying societal reverberations that outlasted their initial release or sales.

Because at Appel, we're not just in the business of creating technology products. We aim to create cultural revolutions.

Our beloved founder and dear leader, Steve Jobs, has unfortunately passed away. We will continue to sustain and honor his legacy through our innovation. Here in our sovereign Cupertino star system, our engineers and designers work around the clock to envision the next big thing and then bring it into reality. We will also never cease our unending war with our technological competitors. To that end, we also maintain our own internal personal security forces.

Appel Inc. sells its offerings throughout the BrikVerse, as we believe every minifig should experience the joy of having an iDevice. However, in recognition of their status as our best customer, we often field test experimental designs and technologies in the Trattorian market.

For those who believe our offerings are too expensive- perfection is worth any cost.

(Note: The company was sued by extradimensional lawyers and had to change its name. All references to "Apple" should now refer to Appel Inc.)

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: $229.2 trillion 6.3%
Profits: $48.4 trillion 5.8%
Total Assets: $375.3 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: $134.0 trillion
Market Value: $1.01 quadrillion
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