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Arenas, oddly enough, are one of the more failed examples of BrikVersian architecture. Originally designed to specifically house violence as a spectator sport, these massive constructions seated thousands of minifigs around a central combat floor. Though their actual construction varied somewhat from culture to culture (from sand pits to floating crystalline disks hovering over a variety of deathtraps), their central design philosophy remained the same: provide an artificial location for combatants to duke it out and plenty of space for other minifigs to get a good view of it and revel in the carnage. The reality, however, is minifig reception to the idea ranged from disgust and a feeling of being insulted to outright disinterest. Mostly disinterest. Minifigs already have a place to fight and revel in carnage. It's called "Everywhere Else." Thus, most Arenas are now little more than crumbling ruins, piles of briks not being put to better use. Nevertheless, some of the more martial minded cultures still use them for training purposes or to keep their populations in line by forcing them to participate in the "fake" combat Arenas offer.

Possible Uses:

  • Training Grounds.
  • Population Control.
  • Hideouts and similar retreats.
  • Tournaments, challenges, and other tests of worthiness.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Ruins provide a steady flow of basic brikbuilding resources.
  • While there is a good deal of open ground topside, Arenas often feature more complex underground facilities.
  • In functioning Arenas, the stands are a great place to start a riot.


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