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A staple for any self-respecting fortress, SHIP, outpost, or fast-food joint. It is here, shelved in gleaming chrome or hanging on slabs of stone, that the tools of mass destruction and hilarity sought after by all in the BrikVerse rest. Usually at an intersection or other easy-to-reach location, the armory is a fighting man's best friend. It is this room where men give their lives to hold back the zombie/barbarian/alien horde and save civilization, and is immortalized for the best place for a pre-battle montage of soldiers arming to the teeth while the beginning credits appear.

Possible Uses:

  • Supply and Resupply.
  • Obtain specialized equipment or objectives.

Tactical Considerations:

  • An armory may have limited access, so watch your exits.
  • Supply dumps serve as primary targets for your enemies. An army without weapons is a bunch of figs with shoves. Consider doing the same.
  • Remember to protect your supplies but be prepared to burn them as well; other tactical options may present themselves if you buy yourself some time.



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