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An Armoured Core
Modular Parts
Under Construction

An Armoured Core is similar to a Dungam Mobil Fuku or an Evangelist Cyborg, but there are a few differences between the three. Evangelist Cyborgs are large suits of armour which are used to control powerful beasts inside, and are typically driven by teenagers. Dungam Mobil Fukus are big robots driven by a single pilot. An Armoured Core is almost the same thing, except that AC's are divided into segments which are modular and can be readily swapped out for other parts. Sections include arms, legs, head, etc... Dungam Mobil Fukus are not modular which makes them expensive to maintain, but sometimes their parts work together more fluidly than those of an AC. AC's typically carry more weapons than the other two, which usually have an emphasis put on their close combat capabilities while AC's generally do not. Nonetheless, all of these are towering monstrosities. They have the armour of a tank but the maneuverability of infantry with jet-packs. They have the weaponry of a destroyer but are not restricted to aerial or space combat. The Armoured Core is the pinnacle of mobile arms technology and rightfully strikes fear into the hearts of all the minifigs who dare oppose one on the battle field.

History and Teknology

AC's were invented some time before the Gray Shift by someone who was jealous of the Dungam Mobil Fukus. They wanted their own giant robot killing machines so they set out and built an AC. AC's are towering, monstrous weapons of mass destruction. They typically stand at least 5 stories tall, carry giant guns, have rocket boosters, and can pretty much destroy any lesser vehicles. They are incredibly well armoured as well. AC's are almost always designed to combat the enemy on land or in the air or space. They are heavy so they typically can not fly for very long distances, but they are extremely fast. If an AC flies for too long its energy runs out and it has to land to recharge its ion rockets. This is not as big a problem in space where they don't have to overcome gravity. AC's aren't always humanoid either. Some have arms which are only guns, others get tank treads instead of legs. They are also known for carrying laser blades, rocket launchers, and shoulder-mounted laser cannons.

Known Cores

Austere (Assyrian Star Empire)

Inspired Creation

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