ArtificiaL Data Disdain

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"I only believe what I see"

ArtificiaL Data Disdain (abbr.: ADD or LDD) is special psychological condition that a certain percent of minifigs have recently been identified with. Minifigs affected by this condition seem to be completely oblivious to the existence of creations that are not wrought from raw, physical ABS; as such, they fail to perceive and even acknowledge their existence.

The effect of this are twofold however, as it not only manifests as mere ignorance, but also as an immunity: multiple scientific testings shown that minifigs diagnosed with ADD/LDD, due to their staunch refusal to acknowledge digital creations, are essentially invulnerable to said designs having any effect on them, whether it is beneficial or harmful.

Other studies show that multiple minifigs with LDD/ADD augment each other's ignorance field, which sometimes even results in planetary-scale digital ignorance barriers, rendering said place impossible to take over with non-tactile fleets.

Some argue that this condition might be a crucial factor in intergalactik conflict; however that notion was quickly discarded due to ADD/LDD affected minifigs refusing to wander to areas which they consider "barren and empty, devoid of palpable material to fight against".

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