Artogat Sector

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The Artogat sector is a galaxy far to the east of the BrikVerse. Few areas are hospitable to minifig life as they are being over run by bands of CLOan briks, Peaches, Teknix, Bionix, and the terrifying Duplos and even some unnamed, old evils. Those few Civilizatons who flourish in this area, must most often band together to destroy these terrible mutations.

The great reactor is the source of all the aforementioned creatures evil. It twists ABS in freakish ways to corrupt the minds and bodies of all who venture too near. it is thought to be located on the space-hulk of the long lost star-ship civilization #42. However, at this point the ship itself has become mutated, becoming alive, and eating other ships to make itself larger, to better protect its great reactor.

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