Assyrian Peach Exterminations

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The Assyrians have been fighting since G.R. 2010 to kill all Peaches. Their genocides against the Peaches have taken countless lives. Because of the likelihood for Assyrian forces to target Peach units in multi-factioned battles even when doing so is not tactically sound, some observers speculate that there might be a secret command within the Assyrian Space Force that prioritizes them above all other targets.

The most heinous battle against the peaches was The Peach Massacre of G.R. 2010 where the Assyrians rounded up and executed the local Peach citizens of a planet in the Caid Sector in genocidal fashion. Dozens of helpless victims were sent to die in a mass execution. The 45th Union stepped in to fight the Assyrians, but it was too late for the town.

The most recent extermination was The Extermination of Newer Peach City in G.R. 2012. Here a combined Assyrian and CSR force joined with 2 other factions to kill all Peach inhabitants of Newer Peach City before it could be fully established.

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