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Astral Constructs are Creations that appear on the Astral Plate. These are most often buildings and the like but there have been some cases of other kinds of Creations, like SHIPs, appearing as Astral Constructs. There are essentially three types. First and foremost are Mirror Constructs. These locales are the idealized Astral reflection of some particularly important site in the RealVerse, even if those sites no longer exist. Second are those created by powerful beings, such as gods or humans. These tend to be much more permanent and unchangeable than other structures in the Astral and often serve as waystations or headquarters. Last are constructs which ebb and flow around the consciousness' in the area. Most often they vaguely mirror their counterparts in the RealVerse but in a twisted and unexpected manner. These constructs are never permanent and change shape and function often.

Possible Uses:

  • To navigate the Astral Plate.
  • Serve as a morphic terrainscape.
  • Spawn any sort of creature, item, or building.

Tactical Considerations:

  • You never know what's coming in the Astral. What you see around you could change at a moment's notice. This isn't much different from the regular BrikVerse, so BrikVersians have an advantage here and are able to react more quickly than other universal denizens. However, the changes are still more mercurial and even BrikVersians may be outpaced.


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