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The term "Astral Travel" is actually a generalization denoting several Astral Plate location and travel based abilities. The most common of these is the actual ability to pierce the Universal Membrane between a universe and the Astral Plate. That is, to open a gateway and travel freely between the two. Though the Astral overlays all existence, this is an incredibly rare and powerful ability. Once in the Astral, Astral Travel also refers to the ability to navigate it efficiently. The Astral is a confusing and bewildering place; despite its consistent layout, its vistas and composition are far from rational or easily identifiable. Much is abstract in the Astral Plate and travelers move about as much by thinking about the concept of movement as by actually engaging motor skills.

Also commonly referred to as Astral Travel is the shamanistic ability to draw upon the Astral Plate energies and use them to cast one's spirit away from one's body out into the universe. Most creatures do not have the ability to actually travel to the Astral Plate but certain powerful SuperNatural practitioners can access the resonant energies of the adjacent dimension and glide along its boundary. This is also commonly called Astral Projection and it allows the practitioner to experience things at a distance, incorporeally, with SuperNaturally boosted senses.

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