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Pre R. 2,012

The Avokhan Empire began an undetermined amount of time in the past, in some little known area below the galactik plane. It began with two small empires, each spanning no more than 5 or 6 planets. The Avokhii are traditional yellow minifigures, believed to be descendants of stranded colonists from some unknown empire. The Kraakhan, however, are featureless, entirely black. They are believed to be cast off DSM experiments. The two empires fought, from fear of differences mostly, for a really long time.

They were nearing complete annihilation due to equally matched forces when The Great Uniter came. He saw great destructive potential going to waste. So he brought together what was left of the sorry excuses for governments the empires had, and demanded they swear allegiance to him. He killed all of the highest ranking officials before the rest complied. He then had messages sent to all fronts to stop fighting. So began the long process of rebuilding, crushing old hatreds, and re arming to go to the greater BrikVerse. In the meantime, The Great Uniter created an intelligence network to learn about the rest of the galaxy.

The Great Uniter

Now the Emperor of the Avokhan Empire, he is seldom seen outside of his throne room/execution chamber. He is rumored to be a being made of pure OT, and hold immense power. He rarely makes public appearances, choosing to let his aides deliver his speeches. He only goes to battle occasionally, and only if the enemy is worthy.

R. 2,012

About mid-R. 2,012, the Avokhan began expanding. They aim to join the Anti-Immortal Alliance, if only because the they seem to be worthy opponents, and their sworn enemy is with the Immortals. They have, however, hit a stumbling block, in the form of the planet Ossum. The local Mechanus Empire is putting up heavy resistance to Avokhan occupation. Progress elsewhere has slowed to a crawl as the fighting escalates.

Notes and Links

- The Great Uniter is meant to be ultra OP, so he won't be in any battles

- the reference that Zupponn likes is actually from Bionicle. The mask of light is called the Avokhii, while the mask of shadows is called the Kraakhan.

- Main armory thread: Forum Thread

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- A battle, possibly the first, for planet Ossum. Forum Thread

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