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Awesome Empire
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TL 6
Anti-Immortal Alliance

Space Pirates

Immortal Alliance
Notable People
King Awesome

Captain Boss

Jimmy Page

Sir Delp

Awesome infantry.

The awesome empire is located inside a pocket universe, which can only be accessed through some select black holes and wormholes. There are a total of 15 planets in there, all owned by Team awesome. Their allies are the noob-crushers, canadia, (not related to natalya's canadia) some space pirates, and most anti-immortals. They hate immortals.

CAPTAIN BOSS is a genetic soldier made of awesomeness, he turns into gold-titanium when he touches gold. He is extremely old, and he was born on June,6,1806. He is head of military and government funded orgies.

One of two revived DSM used by the awesome empire. They are actually stronger than their original selves, and they cost one hundred billion dollars to make. They have a strange obsession with beef jerky.

King Awesome.

King awesome is the leader of the awesome empire. He is over 1.9 billion years old, and he made a grate-head build it for him. It is deadlier than almost anything in existence.

They participated in the Second Battle Of New York, trying to attack the TA fleet over New York.

The Awesome Empire owns Planet Orgy, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

Forum Threads

TEAM AWESOME and some other factions

King Awesome's meeting room

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