BR 1,977

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This is the Rekonstruktion when the first Deadly SpaceMan is believed to have been brought into being by the horrors of Hospital 555. This marked the end of the Time Before SpaceMen, and heralded the emergence of limbs in Minifigs, as well as the Golden Age of Galactik Civilization.

While all Rekonstruktions succeeding BR 1,977 this are documented for posterity and the Foe Rums, very little is known about the previous Retkonstruktions. Sometime before BR 1,977 the Dooplok wars took place, which would cause the remaning Dooplok figs to form the Ironic Punishment Brigade. However, the timelines for these events have been lost outside of the Red Moth Library in Vamtopia, and in some ancient temples, space libraries, and abandoned bases across the BrikVerse.

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