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Notable Events

  • The first BrikWars Mechandise ever goes up for sale.
  • First Fleebnorks are spotted here
  • Concept of Stat Cards is introcduced into game
  • Fryslayer posts some very nice Castle army banners on ClassicCastle
  • Fryslayer gives us the first known use of computer-altered pictures in a Brikwars battle report; to give his reports a "comic-book" style, and to show where people had died and to add dramatic effect. This is a tradition which would be carried on by some of Brikwars more skilled battle reporters. Namely Rayhawk and Natalya.

Reports From The Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
Fryslayer Fryslayer's First Steven Spielberg, and his assorted forces of the modern world, as well as several medival armies, come together in a castleworld town to see who will win.
Fryslayer's games
Fryslayer The siege After winning the first battle, Steven Spielberg acquired a large part of the castle homeland, taking his funds from the infamous pirate "deadeye mad Beard" and the traitor Falcon noble. Meanwhile, lord Black Falcon, righteous owner of the castle land returns to reclaim his kingdom, along with Lord Guy, a powerful mercenary warrior.
Fryslayer's games
Fryslayer The Beach Town The defeat of pirate lord "Dead Eye Mad Beard" is ill received by his brother "Mad Beard Dead Eye", who seeks revenge by launching an assault on a coastal castleland town.
Fryslayer's games
Fryslayer Attack of the Spiders A Princess from an ancient land came to visit; but the evil Wella the Witch heard of it and decided to launch an attack to capture the princess; conjuring the aide of the evil Bat lord. Can the combined forces of the Black Falcons and the Black Knights hold off the tide of Darkness?
Fryslayer's games
Fryslayer From the North they Come The Vikings are coming! From North they Sailed, to classicland they go! Only the crusader fort stood between them and endless bricks to plunder. Frokn, Viking lord and terror of the plastic sea knows too well that two forces are better than one, so he made a deal with the ruthless mercenary Lord Guy a deal to storm the fort together. Meanwhile, the Forest Men heard of the impending invasion and rush to defend the Crusader's Castle.
Fryslayer's games
Sibley Three Way Battle description
Sibley's games

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